BEFORE I BEGIN- I just wanted to let you know that I changed the layout of my blog a little bit. These are a few things that I added:
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NOW... on to the good stuff. 
 Throughout the summer, Malcolm (a photographer for CAST) came to a few of our training sessions to document our training.
Our gymnastics session each week was one of my favourites. Finally, by the end of our camps in Calgary/Canmore I felt more like when I was younger and I did gymnastics. I got up the courage to do a few back and front handsprings, and front and back flips!!

However, my upper body will never be what it was when I did gymnastics.  The first time they told us to do 20 chin ups, dips and a rope climb, but slowly they found out that 20 chin ups is "just a bit" harder for ski racers.

Next Malcolm caught us in action at the velodrome. 

It was much nicer to do our sprints at the velodrome this year instead of on stationary bikes, running, etc. We had to always be aware of what was going on around us, who was where and how far we could safely push ourselves. 

 It was a lot of fun learning new things this summer, while still benefiting physically!

I may have mentioned that Kevin and I did a portion of the Gran Fondo this summer. Here are a few pictures from the event! It was fun trying to keep up with the peleton at the beginning of the race, however it was not very fun trying to pull myself in the strong headwind when I lost the group.

It was a fun ride, even though we didn't do the whole thing. Possibly I will work up to the 147km next year! When we were almost at the finish line, the wind suddenly felt a lot worse on the open road.  Kevin had to wait for me for a little bit and block the wind for me! He was a lifesaver as we road through the finish line!


Here is a video that my trainer, Matt Jordan, made for me about my training this summer.

I am now in Burlington, VT to visit Kevin before I jet off to Europe. I will have a new blog coming your way soon!!


  1. I'm not into physical fitness but you got me so inspired with all your training, passion and with that very toned body. I envy my daughter who is currently enrolled at kids gymnastics class because she's so physically active. I think it's time to start my own sport, or workout plan.

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