Cascade Mountain and Surprise Party

I am back in Canmore now for fitness testing and dryland training. This weekend Mitch, Travis, Sarah and I decided to hike the backside of Cascade Mountain before we headed to Calgary for Eve's surprise birthday bash!
We started our hike at 9am and it was FREEZING! I was also feeling a bit sick, so it was hard to keep up while blowing my nose and stuffing kleenex down my sleeve. However, the beauty at the top of the hikes is worth every tissue I used. 

We eventually arrived at the Cascade Ampitheatre where we thought there would be a lake, but the view was beautiful nonetheless.

The layers of rock were unbelievable.

We decided to keep hiking and catch up to Sarah, who had to run up most of the way for her workout.

It's amazing how small we are compared to the landscape around us. Also, I discovered that hiking at the back of the pack is tough because when someone stops to look at the view, they are already hiking away by the time you get to that spot. But... I may have been a bit slower since I was sick...

We started our hike from the location of my K2 Nationals... Norquay!

We started our hike from the bottom of the thicker run on the left.

When we were near the top, we took in the view and quickly headed back down the trail; taking as many shortcuts as possible.

Oh and chugged some water so our bags were lighter on the way down.

The views were an amazing background for our quick lunch.

At 1:45pm, we finished our hike and headed back to Kelly McBroom's house (where I am staying) to change before we headed to Calgary for Eve's 23rd birthday party!!
The girls did an amazing job planning there party. There were so many activities to do and it was a beautiful day! 
We met at the Pumphouse volleyball courts. 

Eve had to get dolled up in bright red lipstick and a sash that said "Birthday Princess" or something along those lines.

When we weren't playing volleyball we could be...
Playing croquet (But don't be fooled by MP's face, she actually hated this game!)


or Relaxing in the sun among other things. 


Mitch is eating my favourite chips! Tostitos, hint of lime... mmmm! 

Mp- has swag as usual. 

We were all surprisingly hungry, so we fired up the grill and made some food! 

The day was a busy, eventful and amazing day! We saw incredible views and celebrated a Eve's birthday in Canada for once!

Have fun at school for whoever is starting tomorrow! 
Also, thank you so much to the McBroom's for the place to stay! Your house gave us a place to stay that felt like home, and has an amazing balcony to soak up some Vitamin D!


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