Green Trees and Sunsets

On the weekend, in Burlington, we decided to do something together and planned a hike. We drove around for quite a while, getting lost, trying to get past closed road signs and failing. We decided to just choose a trail and start hiking up, wherever up might lead us. 

Eventually we came upon a river with a little waterfall filling a pool of water.

The boys ran up and down beside the river, some things never change.

Sean was PAR-TY-ING up on the rocks.

Eventually we came to a clearing, where we decided to turn around to get back down in time to watch the US Open.

 The next day, MP, Kevin and I decided to head to the beach to relax and enjoy the sound of the water. 

We obviously wore our tie-dyed shirts.

Hair Frizzz!

Mr. Drury, after taking the sunflower seed shells out of his cheeks.

 We were about to leave when we noticed how picture perfect MP looked.


After that we felt a photoshoot coming on...


I think I'm just talking to myself....

MP and I attempted a jumping picture.

 And then Kevin upped the ante.

MP showed off her levitating talents.

And I tried to be like Kevin.

On another note:
Jenny gave me a video of our gymnastics training this summer. I tried an old tumbling line I used to do for the first time in many years!


  1. I also do that tumble move every time I go to bed before I sleep. Your gymnastic training video looks awesome. I love the way you move your body because you are very graceful.


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