Not The Bay, the clothing store, but the bay with water, swans, waves, boats and best of all, my family.

I decided to head home after New Zealand instead of going to Figi so that I could spend some time with my family. Our days were packed full of activities and chores. We have a new house in Collingwood now, so my Mom and Clay are working at what Clay calls "the project". I sense a little hostility towards that word now.... This means that my Mom is working hard to sell our current house.
But we found a little time (and sun) for some water activities!

Halfway through the week, bad weather struck. There were tornado warnings for a lot of Southern Ontario.

A few runs and bike rides had to be canceled that day...

But fortunately, we only witnessed these beautiful clouds followed by a huge thunder storm.

After that, the weather turned around!
Kevin came home from New Zealand and decided to visit me in Collingwood. He wanted to cheer me up after I had a bad day and came home to find my cat on my bed with a huge sore on his face bleeding. Also, I think he wanted to see what seadooing is all about.

I took my boater's test, so that I could drive the day before, and wouldn't you know it, it blew out of the seadoo when Kevin and I were jumping through the waves!

After Kevin left for school, we all got dressed in our white shirts and jeans for a photoshoot. Clay's parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and family pictures were in order. Our little modern family was invited too!
Clay's family! 

Our little modern family.

My Mom and Clay's mom!

You just have to catch her by surprise!

And finally, I was told to call this one "The Three Generations of Hollywood" (aka Clay, his father and his son)

These two little ones reminded me of my sister and I when we were growing up.

My grandparents came to the anniversary dinner. My Grandpa, who is a woodworker in his spare time, turned a bowl for Clay's parents. It just so happened that the tree had 50 rings, one for each year that Clay's parents have been married.

This picture was taken before I figured out the lighting, but I couldn't refuse to put up a picture with my sister and grandparents.

My time at home was amazing. I fell in love with everything there all over again. The water, the huge trees, road biking, my purring kitten, and my family; not to mention my bed, unpacked clothes and room!
When I see celebrations of 50 years of marriage, it is amazing. My grandparents, Clay's parents, and so many other people meet the one person that they will love throughout their entire lives. This commitment is truly through the good times and the bad, in sickness and in health. I said this to my grandparents on their 50th and I will say it again, "You are truly role models to the rest of us. I hope all of us are lucky enough to meet that person in our lives, whenever that time may be!"


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