Coastin' on a Dream

My Mom made me promise one thing before I left, "Promise me, that you will take a lot of pictures." Of course that is a promise I have to make your parents after everything they have done for me, and I am trying to follow through.
Our days are basically the same from day to day. Sleep, eat, ski, dryland... and then wake up and do it again. BUT we try to keep things interesting and fun between nap-time and dinner. We just finished up a 5 day block on snow, and we are all feeling the altitude and wrath of the gates (I know they look bendable and soft, but don't be deceived).
Some days our dryland sessions primarily consist of stretching... (photo cred. Stefania Rizzo)

We multitask as well and work on our vitamin D intake! (photo cred. Stefania Rizzo)

We try to stay on the corner of the field, so we save a little money, and we are threatened with 50 push ups if we cross the line... (photo cred. Stefania Rizzo)

Other days we do cardio and play volleyball... (photo cred. Jenny Delich)

And today we have the dreaded lift. I say dreaded because we are not entirely sure how we are going to lift anything besides our body weight. If it must be done- It can!

On our last day off we decided to go on a little adventure in the gorge. We passed these log cabins on the way there, I can hear my Dad saying to me "There is a picture in here somewhere, you just have to find it, look for the lines and the patterns." I hear his voice, but I do not see with his eyes, maybe someday.
We began hiking down, enjoying the beginning of fall.

Mitch was enjoying the view.

And deciding our plan of attack to get down to this bridge. 

Along the way we found this little church on the side of the cliff.

And stone steps leading to and away from it.

 A ski boot in the middle of nature for the die-hards... Therefore, by definition my Grandpa.

 Making our way to the bridge...

And we made it. This calls for a planking session! (Anna Goodman took the next 2 photos)

The railing was a little rickety, so we scratched that idea after the picture was taken.  

We hiked up on the other side of the bridge.

At first we thought we were following a beautiful trail through the forest.

But eventually we ended up on the "path less traveled"... as usual.

I'm not sure how we ended up reaching the right path, but we eventually did.

With a little "I love you" pillow in German along the way.

Today we trained down a very steep pitch, so that the girls could prepare for Solden! I think it is the best preparation we have had before Solden since I have been on the team. Although we seemed to call it a day after the crevice on the pitch became a hole... I'm glad I had my skis on.

Tomorrow we have a much needed day off when I hope to blog again with a little video!! Until then.


  1. Hey Erin!

    These photos are sensational :)

    Sarah Moore


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