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Inside the Arc: Combine to Conquer

I’ve made a lot of excuses about blogging in the last couple of years. These excuses are born from many different reasons.
I guess I should go back to the beginning and explain why I started my blog.
Anna Goodman is one of the most talented human beings that I know, not only can she DIY a house, she is kind, smart and wrote the best blog. When I was first named to the national team, I was young, I looked up to the older racers, and Anna inspired me, so naturally I had to copy her, and start a blog.
A few of our Anna directed photoshoots.
However, when I first started writing, I thought that this would be a place for my family to keep up with me and possibly, hopefully, just maybe I would find sponsors. Yet, as the years passed, my blog became a place for me to, not only, share my experiences, but learn from them, see the good in them and understand them. I blogged about bad races, trips with my dad, and Christmas in Europe. 
It was a way for me to find the best case scenario, connect w…

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