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World Champs

World Champs...
I think I want to broaden this topic to "big events", including World Champs, Olympic Games, etc. I love "big events". I have had many different results at these events including DNFs, winning second runs, bad results, good results and everything in between. I stood in my room in Beaver Creek and all of a sudden, it hit me, no matter what my results would be at the World Championships, I already loved them.
I started to try to figure out why. At a big event why do I feel like I've still won something even when I straddle? Why is my heart calm even before what is considered a high pressure event? 

1)Family and Friends
I am incredibly lucky because I have amazing support around me from my family and friends. My friends at home have been known to dress up for the Olympics to have a Canadian tv watching party when I race. They send me songs to give me some "swagger" at the start. My grandparents send me photos that they have found online  …

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