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Part 3/4: The New Normal

Part 3: Arrival  We picked up our bags and headed to meet up with the team. We all had our passports, visas and multiple documents proving our reasons for travel, special permission, proof of insurance, etc. In our team vans, everyone has to wear a mask at all times, and there is only 1 person allowed per seat (we have vans with bench seats). To be honest, this 4.5h ride over multiple passes ending with over 47 switch backs was slightly nauseating due to wearing a mask, while jet lagged in warm summer weather.  We have to get a  COVID assessment test once a week while we are here. We had a first COVID test upon landing. In Italy the testing is slightly different. They take out a long q-tip like swab. They first stick this very far back in the throat and then one time in each nostril, spinning it around in each. I found that it wasn’t as uncomfortable as the Canadian test, but my eyes did water and it isn’t enjoyable at all. Additionally, we have to download an app for contact tracing i

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