Tarvisio, Italy

I love Italy. I have yet to travel to the really incredible parts, but I still like the small towns I've seen. I love the old buildings, the food, the people, everything. I love pizza with ham, mushrooms and a fried egg on it!! Mmmm
When we left Maribor, we traveled to Tarvisio, Italy for a couple of Europa Cups. The snow was icy, the hill was good and we were all ready to race. We were joined by three Canadian girls that have been doing Europa Cups; Maddy Irwin, Julia Roth and Madi Mcleish. It was nice to have a bigger Canadian team for a couple of days.
The races were alright for me, but not entirely what I was looking for. On the first day I came 10th first run, and ended up 11th overall. The second day I came 7th first run and ended up about 13th overall. I still have to say that coming down second run, looking up at the leader board and seeing that you have moved back significantly is not a good feeling, at all.
After the races, we headed back to Kirchberg for the night for a night off; to eat Marcel's food, see the rest of the team, reorganize, have a night in "our own" beds, and pick up the rest of our stuff. In a couple of hours we will head to Switzerland for a Europa Cup gs and a Europa Cup Night slalom.
Then....!!!! I get to come back to Canada for 6 days!

I didn't take any pictures this time... sorry! I'm on conserve energy mode, but here are a few pictures Malcolm took for our Dale photo-shoot.
Probably looking at one of Kelly's funny videos.
 I'm not the only one with a red nose... for once!
Do something crazy... And yes, throwing my arms up in the air is crazy! 

 Kelly, Mitch and I

*On a sad note: A couple of weeks ago Kelly McBroom crashed while doing Super G in Europe and broke her leg. She was in the hospital here for a while getting what seemed like surgery after surgery, but now she is finally home! Kelly is a huge part of our team and keeps us all happy when we are having a tough time. We will all miss her everyday! Elli Terwiel set up a coffee fund for Kelly on her blog, so if you have time check it out at elliterwiel.blogspot.com, or you can click on the link on my page. We want everyone on our team back together, so get better soon everyone!

And some pictures of our home training slope in Europe! The Gaisberg...
 Mmm... peaceful!


  1. I'm touched Erin, thanks for the love

  2. Hey Erin,
    I love your blog. It's fun peeking in (although the kids would call it creeping!) at your extraordinary life.
    The photos are great. I enjoy your writing style too.


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