Mom's Birthday

When I came back from Burlington, it was my Mom's birthday! We skied for some of the day, went to the gym and went out for dinner.

Could be Jenna's first real head-shot on my blog! I don't see her very often, so my Mom's birthday was the best!

Jenna and the Birthday girl!! "Erin, you sound like Dad. Who cares what the F-stop is... just take the pictures."  - Now I know what my Dad went through when we would whine that he said 1 more after 10 more.
But look at what came out of all that!

My strawberry blonde sister and I... (haha)

"I recognize this smirk Erin." -Geez thanks Mom

Happy Birthday Mom. The best birthday cake ever!! It is an ice cream cake with cookie dough!

This action shot was better than the one before when my Mom was hysterically laughing. Yes, what you are imagining is correct.

All in all my time at home was incredible! I'm back in Europe now at our home base in Kirchberg, Austria for the final long haul of the season! I'll be here for at least a month and a half. Our next World Cup slalom is on Saturday! Hopefully everything falls nicely into place!


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