BURLINGTON!! January Break

After MANY hours of traveling and very FEW hours of sleep I made it to Burlington, VT to see Kevin!
My body was not used to the extremely cold weather. When I stepped outside my breath felt like it would freeze in my chest. However, it was a beautiful day, so I bundled up (while Kevin became the polar bear that he is) and we went out into the cold.
The new headband I made...

Kevin and his Black Friday sunglasses. Not even a jacket in -20C... weirdo!

 My new camera!!!

Church Street... In the dead of winter! 

And our favourite place for a treat....

Hot chocolate with whipped cream! Oh plus Mr. Tough Guy

Latte with whipped cream...

 MMMMM... A warm drink on a cold day.

Can you see Kevin's scar from skeet shooting? "Erin... I have something I think I need to tell you." Thanks Kev for the beautiful intro to telling me you cut your face...

The view from Kevin's apartment...

I love it
And then we went skiing... BRRRR

Kev with his sweet roll up! I tried to crop it, but third time was NOT the charm.

Colton Knifing!

Some of the UVM boys.

When Kev was studying I found this video.

After being in Burlington I went home for a few days and now I am back in Austria. I will post pictures from home soon!!


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