EUROTRIP- Pitztal, Austria

Our training in Solden finished up with a day of slalom!! My first full day this trip!My "power" start...
This is how the big guys do it... Note to self: work on start...

After an outdoor lifting session, we headed to Pitztal for a day off and four more days of training. We decided to get in touch with our animal instincts and headed into the forest for a photo session.(Anna and Mitch) Everything is still so green here, however rumour has it that weather is supposed to be coming in tomorrow, meaning snow and VERY cold temperatures next week (I've heard -24C... maybe I should try my hand at beach volleyball?)Mp and Mitch in a rainforest or Austria?
Hard to tell...
Oh wait... Avalanche fences... ? I guess we are in AustriaMitch, Britt and Mp taking in the view on the fence. If it supports that much snow it can support our combined weights, right?

We have done two days of gs since our day off in Pitztal. Both days have been extremely challenging. The hill is one of the steepest, unforgiving hills that I have ever skied on!! At least I still had my helmet after every run unlike two years ago, when I crashed and my helmet flew off my head. Tim (my coach) didn't see and came down asking, "What happened, did you fall? WAIT... where is your helmet? Oh I see it at the bottom of the hill there, I'll go get it." I didn't input what my responses to any of the questions were because I was probably sniffling and in no state to answer... aka "ninja tears"- defined as the tears that sneak up on you. BAM!
So all in all... my helmet stayed on my head, so I will say... Pitztal we are equals again!


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