Burning Trees... Fall!

I love skiing, but oh how I love being at home too.
I've been back from New Zealand for about 5 weeks now, and I've been seriously neglecting my blog. I will summarize my break, which may seem uneventful, but my time at/or around home was amazing.The first two weeks after New Zealand, I spent in Burlington, Vermont visiting Kevin! For the first few nights I woke up at 3am, and napped for about 2 hours in the late morning. Can you say J.E.T. L.A.G. But eventually things got better. Mostly my days were filled with working out when Kevin was in class and experiencing Burlington when he wasn't. We would cook in his student house, jump the waves at the beach, raid his student discount booklet (to get $10 the best sushi ever!), road ride, and much more!After Burlington, I had a week long dryland camp in Montreal. I stayed at Kevin's parent's friend's house (the Hannaford's) in the city and had such a pleasant, welcoming stay!!! Thank you! I would take the Metro to the Olympic Stadium everyday and finally got used to public transportation. I've been a bit spoiled in the past having a car or being within walking distance. It was fun to train in Montreal with all of the girls. I would leave the house at 9am and come back at around 5pm, completing two sessions within that period of time. We would have a break for lunch in between sessions and walk around Montreal or watch the divers!The Olympic Stadium
Kevin came to pick me up after my Montreal camp, and I spent one more weekend in Burlington.Finally, I went home after being away for about 7 weeks. I unpacked most of my stuff and started in on another two weeks of dryland. The colours of the trees had turned when I was away and everything was colourful and beautiful. We enjoyed stopped at the roadside markets to buy fall produce and homemade PIES! Two days a week my mom would wake up at 6am to help me with my workout. I didn't have any small hurdles at home, so I had to make a trip to the dollar store to buy plastic, Halloween fences to stick in the ground and jump over.... the skulls really set the mood. Home was a lot of fun. I got to see the people I love in the season I love, fall!!!My last weekend at home was amazing. After working out on Friday, I headed down to Guelph to visit my friends, get European money, visit my old teachers, and buy bread from our favourite bakery. After, I headed into Toronto to pick Kevin up for the weekend! We had dinner with his parents and headed back up to Collingwood. On Saturday, my mom, her boyfriend (Clay), my sister, Kevin and I headed up to my cottage for some waterskiing, chores and outdoor life. I talked my mom into leaving our slalom course in (for waterskiing), so that Kevin could try it for the first time. I knew I had a polar bear for a boyfriend, but staying warm in the water in 9C weather is another story. I decided to ski also, which was not the warmest decision I've ever made.... Kevin heroically took out the entire slalom course after we were finished and we headed back to Collingwood to make dinner for everyone! The next day Kev and I decided to go for a bike ride to the top of the escarpment to see the colours and the view... this didn't seem like the best decision we have ever made as we were climbing the hill in our granny gears.The ride started out cold, but we were sweating as we climbed the hill. Well, I glistened, Kevin sweat.Helmet head...
We decided the view was worth the climb!Kev helping a lady get up the "cliff". Aww!
I enjoyed my weeks "at home"! And I am so glad that I didn't miss all of fall. I left this morning for Calgary to do our fitness testing. We head to Solden, Austria for our next on hill camp on Thursday.
I miss Thanksgiving, but I'm looking forward to a make up Thanksgiving when I get home.


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