Unexpected Trip to Sochi in Feb

A few months ago I wrote a blog entitled- "I've got speed on my mind." Well, I guess there was a reason...

A few days ago our head coach, Hugues, sat a few of us down to fill out an application for a Russian visa. With that, we decided that in the middle of February I would travel to Sochi, Russia (the site of the next Olympics!) to race in the super combined there. As most of you know, I have not done speed in quite a while. I used to travel to most of the minor speed races when I was younger, beginning my speed career in Mount St. Anne at 15, when I stopped before the finish line because I was so flustered.

Since those years, I've done a few here and there, but usually at the end of the year, just for fun. Last March was my first time on downhill skis in 3 years.

However, I am making my comeback! I will race the super g in Sochi, followed by a slalom to make up the super combined! A huge reason why I am doing this is so that I can experience the atmosphere in Sochi where the next Olympics will be. I will race a slalom run on the slalom hill, find out what the food is like, see where the training run is, etc.

Since I last did speed, I am stronger and more comfortable on any kind of ski, so let's see where this comeback takes me!
Sochi, here I come, with my Olympic dreams in tow!! 


  1. Hi Erin glad to hear your going back to speed. you were fast and brave. keep up the good work. your making canada look great. hope to see you in the spring. r u coming to peaks? brett

  2. Hi its me Abbey Dunlop Brett Dunlops daughter. you are the best skier I've ever seen you are the best. i just learned how to cross block this weekend it is so much fun. my dad said that he taught you in K1 same as me. good luck with your speed training. Abbey

  3. Hi Brett and Abbey! I will be back in Collingwood in the Spring! I hope you are both doing well and would love to visit (or a visit from you both). Abbey, I remember being at Whistler Cup with your Dad when I was your age. You were at home, sick and your Dad hadn't been away from you much before. He was so worried about you!! Race hard and have fun this season.


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