Baggage Fiasco and Leftover Pictures!

My bags turned out to be more of a nightmare than I ever thought. When I posted last, I was in high spirits while I waited for my bag. I alternated between wearing long johns that I left at Kevin's, to Kate Ryley's clothes and Kevin's clothes. My bags eventually made it to the Montreal airport where they sat for a few days. Then they were shipped to Vermont. However, all bags have to go through Tennessee and Maine before they reach Vermont.
Kevin told me two days before I left that my bag had arrived at his house... and I immediately asked, "Just one bag?" Yes, just one bag. The other bag was stuck in Tennessee. One person told me that it would arrive the next day, I felt better. The next time I called they said that it was stuck at customs, I was scared. The next time, that it was "lost". Finally, they said that when the bag was found, it might be in a shipment heading out on Monday. I left for Europe on Sunday.
The next morning, it was a relief to see that my bag had started moving again, and it ended up in Vermont. However, it was in a locked container that wouldn't be opened until Monday. Also, even if it could be opened Kevin's name (I'm not sure why) and address were on the bag, so unless I had an id saying that address, I wouldn't be able to pick up my own bag. But he was racing... and busy WINNING that day!
To back an even longer story, short, after a 3 way call between several people in charge they said that they would look for my bag and if I arrived after closing, but before 4pm, I could come and get it. I drove an hour and a half to the shipping warehouse, knocked on a back door, entered through the door that the trucks used.... and got my bag at 4pm the day before I left for Europe.
I am now in Europe with clean clothes in one bag, not so clean in the other. But I have everything!!

This was the view from out of my window in Kirchberg, Austria yesterday! It has been really warm here, so we are struggling a bit with the snow. It feels like it was just summer and we are already salting our courses!

Here are a few leftover pictures from Soldeu, Andorra and Sochi!
MP ripping it up through the wind!

Nice arcs

Mitch placed in the top 10 for her third race in a row!


Rosa Khutor, the village that we stay in. I'm not sure if I would pet the dogs in Russia.... I think that they are guarding the bridge. 

Rosa Khutor from the gondola. 

They are getting the athlete village ready.  It's in shambles now, but I am sure that it will look amazing soon.

More construction by our hotel. 

I have realized that most of the compliments I get about my clothes are about this one particular sweater.... But I stole it from Kevin. I will be the one asking him for fashion advice from this point forward. 
We will train here for two more days and then head to Ofterschwang, Germany!


  1. What a race today! Huge huge congrats!

  2. Congratulations on your incredible win today. BIG NEWS here in Canada. All the best to you "bear" from the shores of the Bay of Quinte. your fan, john

  3. Sorry really wanted to tell you this

    Been looking at your blog for a while

    I think you're really gay

    1. who writes that on someones blog? Congrats on the win!! amazing season


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