Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween with Channel 4 News Team!

The day of trick or treating is upon us again. It seems as if, when one holiday ends, the next quickly begins. I feel like I just helped my mom prepare two turkeys and now I'm seeing these little princesses, lady bugs and dinosaurs run around the street. It gives me another opportunity to say to myself, with regards to food, "well it is a holiday, so I'm allowed".

I am a HUGE fan of holidays, whether it is birthdays, thanksgiving or Christmas. I need to fully experience each and every event, having my cake and eating it too. However, Halloween is one day that I never feel quite prepared for, so when Kevin's housemates came up with the idea of dressing up as The Channel 4 News Team from the movie Anchorman, I gladly volunteered to be the only woman on the team.

As Halloween loomed in the distance, these were our characters to impersonate.  

After traveling to a few stores, on the day before and of our Halloween party, we put together The Channel 4 News Team.

We had
Travis Dawson as Ron Burgundy
Tim Kelley as Champ
Evan Olson as Brick
Kevin Drury as Brian Fantana
and Myself as Veronica Corningstone

I think the guys did a pretty good job of pulling this together!
Evan even got the positioning of his hand right in the picture because Brick "loves lamp". 


Kevin pulled off a fairly believable Brian Fantana...
Which is the real one?



Or at least he was believable until his mustache issues shone through... First Kevin shaved off his real mustache by accident while trying to shave his beard, and then his mustache fell off any time he started sweating...

The boys discovered the joy of buying suits...

The day after our first dress-up trial we were invited to a party at the Cochrane's new sugar-shack, which is a house that is used to make maple syrup.

We had amazing hot apple cider, pancakes with maple syrup and tastes of maple beer, while a band played in the background.

We tasted warm maple syrup directly from the heater.

Tim Kelly and Jimmy Cochrane made this cabin themselves and started "Slopeside Syrup". It is incredible! Trust me.

You know something is good when you eat so much that you feel sick, and then keep on eating! After our amazing food and drinks, we headed to the bonfire to warm up.
I'm not sure how Evan got this close to the flames because the fire was HUGE.

As the little monsters take off their face paint and wigs, I am getting ready to head to Europe on Wednesday. From Europe I head to Levi for our first World Cup race of the season!!
Until next time.... "Thanks for stopping by, San Diago."

Saturday, October 29, 2011

An Interview Lesson with Michael Landsberg

First of all, I bought my domain name for my blog. Thus, the address for my blog is now:

although will still work!

Earlier this week I headed to Toronto for the day for a Media conference and Own the Podium Club luncheon.
We started off the day with a few interviews, followed by a lunch at Real Sports in Toronto. After our lunch, we were interviewed and introduced by Michael Landsberg who is a host of TNS's Off the Record. The interviews were a lot of fun, but I definitely need to work on my speed at coming up with whitty remarks. Landsberg's notes on my bio said "Likes knitting, likes her boyfriend... bakes." I wasn't sure how to answer any of his questions about these topics. Possibly I could have said, "Yes I also clean, vacuum and iron well... You can hire me at $10/hour." Instead... my reddening face was followed by an awkward smile and a quiet..."....mmmmaaayybbeee". Okay, it wasn't that bad, but work needs to be done!
I need to take a page out of Erik's media book.... 

Or Kucera's...

Afterward, Michael gave us a little lesson about how to interview well; how to become a person that people want to interview; how to turn a question around that you may not want to answer; and most importantly, how beneficial a smile can be.

After our lesson, we headed to the CBC studios for a couple more things before our day was done.
First on the agenda was an interview with Scott Russell of CBC news. He was very nice to all of us and it was a fun way to practice what I had just learned. These interviews will probably be used when CBC broadcasts some of our World Cup races this year.

Then I put on this year's downhill suit, with our new sponsors Osisko and Audi on the arms, and headed in front of the green screen. I was told to, "face the wall, look over your shoulder, slowly turn, cross your arms, hold up a number one sign."
All in all... like this...

Minus the huge muscles and fame... with the addition of a super tight suit!

All in all, it was a fun day and I learned a lot. I think that Canada is more ready than we ever have been. We are.... READY TO GO! (paste smile here)

Here is a video that CBC made for us this year entitled, Alpine Canada: Ready to Go. I can't embed the link here, so you have to click it, sorry! It is a fun video, with a lot of skiing! (There will be 2 commercials before it) Thanks for checking it out!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

To Brighten These Rainy Days

I am now in Burlington, VT visiting Kevin for a little while before our next flight over to Europe. As he sits studying beside me and I look out at the gloomy day, I need a little of my favourite medicine to cheer me up!
Animal Comedy!
Here is a new one for you!... make sure to watch the whole thing!

This is how I often feel when I get too hungry...

And this is how I feel when I am stressed or after a flight from Europe.

Canadian Athlete's Fund Commercial!

I want to thank everyone for helping me out on my journey! Every little bit counts, whether it is a dinner, a place to stay, financial assistance, a pair of glasses or an inspiring note at the exact moment when it is needed!

My days are consisting of a lot of 4x2'/5'rest, 2.0.XX 5x5 Build or 3(10x(20s/20s rest)). These numbers do mean something, and actually cause for some great stories and spectacles. Sometimes it involves hiking up the escarpment and running at the top, going in the forest to escape the wind and rain; some days I disrupt the gym with my extreme breathing; other days I turn on some relaxing music to keep me company during pilates.

I hope these videos brighten your day... until I can upload some new pictures with my NEW LENS!!

Friday, October 14, 2011


Lately I've been listening to the new Rihanna song Fly (guilty pleasure), but I can't help that it quickens my steps and puts a new beat to my heart.
"I came to win, to fight, to  conquer, to thrive. I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise. TO FLY."
Now you have to see what I mean.
Our camp in Saas Fee ended as we had hoped. We were well fed, tuckered out and ready for the season! 

However, before my season starts, I am happy to have a bit of time at home to get some things organized, visit family and hit the gym again.
We have now moved into ANOTHER new home, however this move has been the best one yet. Our house is incredible and I love waking up in the morning to look out the window and see trees again.
 And hear this little guy purring beside me. (He lets me shave him, wrestle him, ruffle up his hair, but he won't let me clean his eyes... )

I loved coming home to fall! It is my favourite season, especially in the East.
The apples are abundant; sweet and crunchy!

They match perfectly with the bowl my grandpa turned!

I had a few days at home without structured dryland, and I decided to go on a jog/hike.

I passed 3 of the ski clubs, and climbed the escarpment on the far side of one. Once I was at the top I jogged along the top of the escarpment.

I had to stride over fallen apples, leap over the top of a small waterfall and watch out for cliffs that provided a perfect look out off the edge of the escarpment at the beautiful colours and the Bay.

It was the longest that I have ever run for and with the beauty it didn't feel grueling at all!

There are so many beautiful things to appreciate!

Kevin and his family came up to see our new house and have Thanksgiving dinner with us! We decided to do a little group road ride, with Clay leading the way after a 210km bike race the previous day.
However, we all welcomed our burning legs because it just made us more hungry for TURKEY!

I think fall might be my favourite time of year because of the family and... food; turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, squash, pie, ice cream, and all those good things!

However, I think one person enjoyed the turkey more than I did.... Maddy (Kevin's dog). She might as well have walked away like this.... minus the guilt.

The day after our amazing dinner, Kevin had to drive back to school and he dropped me off in Montreal on the way there. I had a week long dryland camp at The Centre National Multisport-Montreal. While I was there I stayed with Kevin's family friends, Hal-The headmaster, Susan Doherty- The brillient writer and Reid- the next movie producer! 
However, it was not all fun and games.
I am known to rename things with death in front of them- for example, death squats (for max squats) and death band (for our hard mini band exercise). Therefore, I change the name of Thursday's workout from Aerobic Power to Deathervals.... I'm creative right?

However, I had to stay away from everyone else because my heartrate monitor picks up their heart rates before my own... Is that a bad sign?

However, in between our sweat sessions (I don't use this description lightly, I have never had to use my shirt as a sweat towel), we had a little team bonding.
Apple picking!! (Anna took these pictures with her new camera!!

Oh...isn't it enticing?

Now I am sitting on the train heading back home for a week. This week is going to be packed full of activities, so I thank Via Rail for the Free Wifi so I can get some things done now!!

However... getting here was not as pleasant. All I will say is pouring rain + many bags + subway + walking + heat + stairs = one unhappy, hot, flustered, wet, me! Sorry to the person sitting beside me... just kidding....
Until next time!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Found- Waterski Jumping and Gymnastics Videos!

The videos I'm going to upload aren't the skiing ones that I thought I would be able to upload. Every video and picture from this post has it's own little story and most of them were... FOUND!

First of all, in 2007 I spent my last summer competitively waterskiing. In May of that year I competed in the Junior Masters in Jumping and I finished first. A year later I found a video online from the Masters and it had a clip of me jumping in it. This is the only video that I can find of myself waterskiing. This year, I decided to send the people that posted the video an email to see if they had the original video, and this is what they found! (Thank you Greg and Belinda)

I know... my hair looks good! I really worked on it that morning! (It's a keepsake, so that's okay)

It is amazing that they had these pictures and videos because it was my last major competition.  

These are the only videos I have of myself waterskiing. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, so it's nice to have a few concrete memories.

This next picture was sent to me through facebook from a man named Gerwig. It is amazing when people who you don't know do something like this out of the blue, to make someone's day. I'll have to pay it forward!

This last video was taken by my trainer on our last day of gymnastics this summer. I used to do gymnastics when I was young, but I had to stop when I started missing training because of skiing. It took me quite a few gymnastics sessions to feel comfortable doing some of the things I used to do, but once again, the only videos I have of myself doing gymnastics are from this year. (Not quite as pretty as it used to be)

Thank you so much to everyone who sent me keepsakes these past few weeks!