Lately I've been listening to the new Rihanna song Fly (guilty pleasure), but I can't help that it quickens my steps and puts a new beat to my heart.
"I came to win, to fight, to  conquer, to thrive. I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise. TO FLY."
Now you have to see what I mean.
Our camp in Saas Fee ended as we had hoped. We were well fed, tuckered out and ready for the season! 

However, before my season starts, I am happy to have a bit of time at home to get some things organized, visit family and hit the gym again.
We have now moved into ANOTHER new home, however this move has been the best one yet. Our house is incredible and I love waking up in the morning to look out the window and see trees again.
 And hear this little guy purring beside me. (He lets me shave him, wrestle him, ruffle up his hair, but he won't let me clean his eyes... )

I loved coming home to fall! It is my favourite season, especially in the East.
The apples are abundant; sweet and crunchy!

They match perfectly with the bowl my grandpa turned!

I had a few days at home without structured dryland, and I decided to go on a jog/hike.

I passed 3 of the ski clubs, and climbed the escarpment on the far side of one. Once I was at the top I jogged along the top of the escarpment.

I had to stride over fallen apples, leap over the top of a small waterfall and watch out for cliffs that provided a perfect look out off the edge of the escarpment at the beautiful colours and the Bay.

It was the longest that I have ever run for and with the beauty it didn't feel grueling at all!

There are so many beautiful things to appreciate!

Kevin and his family came up to see our new house and have Thanksgiving dinner with us! We decided to do a little group road ride, with Clay leading the way after a 210km bike race the previous day.
However, we all welcomed our burning legs because it just made us more hungry for TURKEY!

I think fall might be my favourite time of year because of the family and... food; turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, squash, pie, ice cream, and all those good things!

However, I think one person enjoyed the turkey more than I did.... Maddy (Kevin's dog). She might as well have walked away like this.... minus the guilt.

The day after our amazing dinner, Kevin had to drive back to school and he dropped me off in Montreal on the way there. I had a week long dryland camp at The Centre National Multisport-Montreal. While I was there I stayed with Kevin's family friends, Hal-The headmaster, Susan Doherty- The brillient writer and Reid- the next movie producer! 
However, it was not all fun and games.
I am known to rename things with death in front of them- for example, death squats (for max squats) and death band (for our hard mini band exercise). Therefore, I change the name of Thursday's workout from Aerobic Power to Deathervals.... I'm creative right?

However, I had to stay away from everyone else because my heartrate monitor picks up their heart rates before my own... Is that a bad sign?

However, in between our sweat sessions (I don't use this description lightly, I have never had to use my shirt as a sweat towel), we had a little team bonding.
Apple picking!! (Anna took these pictures with her new camera!!

Oh...isn't it enticing?

Now I am sitting on the train heading back home for a week. This week is going to be packed full of activities, so I thank Via Rail for the Free Wifi so I can get some things done now!!

However... getting here was not as pleasant. All I will say is pouring rain + many bags + subway + walking + heat + stairs = one unhappy, hot, flustered, wet, me! Sorry to the person sitting beside me... just kidding....
Until next time!


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