Halloween with Channel 4 News Team!

The day of trick or treating is upon us again. It seems as if, when one holiday ends, the next quickly begins. I feel like I just helped my mom prepare two turkeys and now I'm seeing these little princesses, lady bugs and dinosaurs run around the street. It gives me another opportunity to say to myself, with regards to food, "well it is a holiday, so I'm allowed".

I am a HUGE fan of holidays, whether it is birthdays, thanksgiving or Christmas. I need to fully experience each and every event, having my cake and eating it too. However, Halloween is one day that I never feel quite prepared for, so when Kevin's housemates came up with the idea of dressing up as The Channel 4 News Team from the movie Anchorman, I gladly volunteered to be the only woman on the team.

As Halloween loomed in the distance, these were our characters to impersonate.  

After traveling to a few stores, on the day before and of our Halloween party, we put together The Channel 4 News Team.

We had
Travis Dawson as Ron Burgundy
Tim Kelley as Champ
Evan Olson as Brick
Kevin Drury as Brian Fantana
and Myself as Veronica Corningstone

I think the guys did a pretty good job of pulling this together!
Evan even got the positioning of his hand right in the picture because Brick "loves lamp". 


Kevin pulled off a fairly believable Brian Fantana...
Which is the real one?



Or at least he was believable until his mustache issues shone through... First Kevin shaved off his real mustache by accident while trying to shave his beard, and then his mustache fell off any time he started sweating...

The boys discovered the joy of buying suits...

The day after our first dress-up trial we were invited to a party at the Cochrane's new sugar-shack, which is a house that is used to make maple syrup.

We had amazing hot apple cider, pancakes with maple syrup and tastes of maple beer, while a band played in the background.

We tasted warm maple syrup directly from the heater.

Tim Kelly and Jimmy Cochrane made this cabin themselves and started "Slopeside Syrup". It is incredible! Trust me.

You know something is good when you eat so much that you feel sick, and then keep on eating! After our amazing food and drinks, we headed to the bonfire to warm up.
I'm not sure how Evan got this close to the flames because the fire was HUGE.

As the little monsters take off their face paint and wigs, I am getting ready to head to Europe on Wednesday. From Europe I head to Levi for our first World Cup race of the season!!
Until next time.... "Thanks for stopping by, San Diago."


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