An Interview Lesson with Michael Landsberg

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Earlier this week I headed to Toronto for the day for a Media conference and Own the Podium Club luncheon.
We started off the day with a few interviews, followed by a lunch at Real Sports in Toronto. After our lunch, we were interviewed and introduced by Michael Landsberg who is a host of TNS's Off the Record. The interviews were a lot of fun, but I definitely need to work on my speed at coming up with whitty remarks. Landsberg's notes on my bio said "Likes knitting, likes her boyfriend... bakes." I wasn't sure how to answer any of his questions about these topics. Possibly I could have said, "Yes I also clean, vacuum and iron well... You can hire me at $10/hour." Instead... my reddening face was followed by an awkward smile and a quiet..."....mmmmaaayybbeee". Okay, it wasn't that bad, but work needs to be done!
I need to take a page out of Erik's media book.... 

Or Kucera's...

Afterward, Michael gave us a little lesson about how to interview well; how to become a person that people want to interview; how to turn a question around that you may not want to answer; and most importantly, how beneficial a smile can be.

After our lesson, we headed to the CBC studios for a couple more things before our day was done.
First on the agenda was an interview with Scott Russell of CBC news. He was very nice to all of us and it was a fun way to practice what I had just learned. These interviews will probably be used when CBC broadcasts some of our World Cup races this year.

Then I put on this year's downhill suit, with our new sponsors Osisko and Audi on the arms, and headed in front of the green screen. I was told to, "face the wall, look over your shoulder, slowly turn, cross your arms, hold up a number one sign."
All in all... like this...

Minus the huge muscles and fame... with the addition of a super tight suit!

All in all, it was a fun day and I learned a lot. I think that Canada is more ready than we ever have been. We are.... READY TO GO! (paste smile here)

Here is a video that CBC made for us this year entitled, Alpine Canada: Ready to Go. I can't embed the link here, so you have to click it, sorry! It is a fun video, with a lot of skiing! (There will be 2 commercials before it) Thanks for checking it out!


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