To Brighten These Rainy Days

I am now in Burlington, VT visiting Kevin for a little while before our next flight over to Europe. As he sits studying beside me and I look out at the gloomy day, I need a little of my favourite medicine to cheer me up!
Animal Comedy!
Here is a new one for you!... make sure to watch the whole thing!

This is how I often feel when I get too hungry...

And this is how I feel when I am stressed or after a flight from Europe.

Canadian Athlete's Fund Commercial!

I want to thank everyone for helping me out on my journey! Every little bit counts, whether it is a dinner, a place to stay, financial assistance, a pair of glasses or an inspiring note at the exact moment when it is needed!

My days are consisting of a lot of 4x2'/5'rest, 2.0.XX 5x5 Build or 3(10x(20s/20s rest)). These numbers do mean something, and actually cause for some great stories and spectacles. Sometimes it involves hiking up the escarpment and running at the top, going in the forest to escape the wind and rain; some days I disrupt the gym with my extreme breathing; other days I turn on some relaxing music to keep me company during pilates.

I hope these videos brighten your day... until I can upload some new pictures with my NEW LENS!!


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