A Week on the Job

We have been skiing for a week straight now and a lot has happened!!

1) Our first World Cup slalom race of the year was in Aspen, CO. This race is a lot of fun because my family comes out, the town is beautiful, the food is good, and there is shopping right down the street. I came into this race with my ts crossed and my is dotted, and I felt ready. I started 30th, which is my best bib to date. However, skiing is a tough sport sometimes and I didn't end up with the result that I am pushing for.
I let the first race get to me and I didn't ski the way that I have been training. I let off the gas pedal and just missed making the top 30 cut by about 4 hundredths of a second.
However, it was an exciting race nonetheless. Anna attacked from the back and came 8th first run, while Mitch came 10th. Anna ended up placing 20th, while Mitch came 11th. Congratulations girls!! It is exciting to see how well our team is doing because we all saw what we are capable of. Our team is progressing together and it will be a great year!

2) After our race in Aspen we drove 2 hours back to Loveland for two slalom races. I tried to use these races to practice, racing.
Day 1: I felt good again on my skis and pushed it on my first run. I had some trouble at a difficult delay on my first run, and ended up 4th with quite a bit of time to make up. I didn't finish my next run. (Mitch placed 2nd!!)

Day 2: I had a solid day without any mistakes and ended up 4th, but there is more gas in the tank!!

3) After these two slaloms we drove back to Aspen for 2 GS races. I was excited to ski some GS, and work a little more on a) my race gear and b) my GS! I have been excited about skiing GS this year, and I was excited to finally conquer Aspen!
Day 1: I started 12th, and had a fairly good first run, ending up 13th. It felt good to be on my GS skis again! However, the second run, I let my old habits come through and fell back to 16th. I felt tired from all the days on snow... so I had a steak for dinner and prepared for one final day of racing.
Day 2: I started 34th, because I was bumped out of the top 15 after the first day. The course was quite rough, and many girls didn't finish. I ended up 13th on that run, and 11th overall. It was a step in the right direction for my GS and I look forward to more to come!
(MP won on both days!! Domination!)

Now I am in Denver, waiting to fly to Burlington tomorrow to visit Kevin for a few days. After that I head to Panorama for a few Nor Ams and then off to Europe for our next World Cup races.
**Pray for snow because so far there is NONE!!**

I will post some.... interesting pictures soon so you can get to know my SKIING SISTERS!!


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