14th at Flachau

Better late than never... Just keep that saying in mind sometimes when it comes to my blog!!
After our race in Courchevel, we had a night off and then drove 9 hours to Flachau the next day. The drive didn't feel too long, but then again I did take two naps and have my book "The Book Thief" on hand at all times.
After arriving, we got prepared for the first NIGHT SLALOM of the year. It was my third time racing in Flachau, and I had the mentality that "the third time's the charm". I don't think I have to explain about last year, or the year before, that quote just about sums it up! Some salt water may have been involved...

I am getting distracted! So this year, we were able to free ski on the race hill in the morning, relax during lunch and then prepare for the race at night. As the sun began to set, the lights came on and the first racer pushed through the start wand. At this moment, I was up at the lodge, getting ready, and staring at my bib, #34. I headed down to the start with my clear lenses and prepared for my start.
(photo: Eve Routhier) 

As soon as I pushed out of the gate, I felt like I was finally ready for this hill. I had fun in the course, especially through the hairpin, gate, delay, hairpin. Oh how I love weird courses! I ended up coming down into 13th! Mitch was sitting in 11th.

For my second run, the sun had set completely, the dark had settled in for the night, people were full of gluwein and the lights were beconing me to race them to the bottom.
I ended up placing 14th overall! I came down into 3rd place, and oh how I wanted to stand in the leader's box. Next time! Mitch placed 9th, which is her first top 10 this year! Yay Mitch!

After the race I headed to Vienna with my Dad for some days off before Christmas! I will post a couple of pictures soon!

Now on another, less Christmassy, note. Eve Routhier, my skiing twin, injured her leg at the race in Courchevel this weekend. She is in good spirits and home for the holidays. To find out more, you can go to her blog: routhierski.blogspot.com or to send her a little note of love. We already miss her smiling face!!
photo: Eve Routh

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmases are filled with laughter, good food and family. I will be thinking about you here, and hoping your hills soon fill with snow!


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