True North Strong and Free

Home Sweet Home... or as close as I'll be for the time being.
After an amazing breakfast at the Movenpick, we headed to the airport. Everything started off fairly smoothly. We checked in 5 bags each with only 140 Euros each of overweight. Getting into the lounge without our cards was a little harder, but we ran into our main issues once our flight to Frankfurt continued to get delayed.... and delayed. Our connecting flight from Frankfurt to Calgary left, but we were still sitting in Munich. So we got our flight changed for a few hours later from Munich to Chicago, Chicago to Calgary. Surprisingly all of our bags arrived in Chicago, but not a single one arrived in Calgary. We were looking good (and obviously smelling like flowers), in our two day old clothes, by the time we got our bags.
We arrived in Nakiska ready....
for a day off (filled with many loads of laundry... Kevin and I should have a competition who has more laundry after I get back from a trip), followed by 3 days of training. The food was so much better this time around in Nakiska! and it was amazing sleeping in a queen bed by myself!
The days of training were a bit up a down. The hill was injected, which was really good for training. 4 or 5 of the German girls were training with us, so it was a good environment leading up to the slalom!

Then we travelled to Whistler!
We landed in Vancouver and it was warm and sunny. I forgot just how much I love Vancouver and Whistler and the whole shebang (spelling?). It was amazing seeing how much red was walking around the city. Red, Canada, flags, HBC clothes... etc. In Whistler, everyone helping out, is so friendly and nice. Waiting for accreditation we were offered drinks and food.
I got to eat dinner at the Drury Hotel! I have really missed Drury dinners and Whistler. I think it is one of my favourite places to be.

I will try to take pictures today. Whoever is coming here, you will not recognize part of Whistler, esp with all of the security and police officers around. There are gates that are guarded, security x-ray machines, etc. All very intense. And I now know first hand, the security guards can not be sweet talked... whatsoever.

The men's super combined is on today! 9:30am start... aka NOW! Watch the bottom few gates of the downhill, that's where our slalom will be.
Giver Diesel (As Baye would say)


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