And the Crowd Goes.... more cowbell??

Yesterday we were up at 5:30 leaving at 6:30.
We trained a few runs of slalom early before the hill got busy and the weather got bad. The training was really good and a lot of fun.

Then we got to watch the men's GS! It's amazing how different the results end up at the Olympics, then at World Cup. We have seen people seriously step up there game, such as Andrew Weibrecht, Julia Mancuso, Bode Miller, Kjetil Jansrud and Erik Guay in GS! Erik is usually a speed skier and came 16th yesterday. Moving up from 29th first run. IE he came second on the run! AMAZING.... Go red and white... plus leaf.

I love grandparents!!
Last night's hockey game on a big screen, outside in Whistler Village.... ps we won!
Today isn't such a nice day. It's foggy and snowy and tough conditions!
But our girls are powering through! The second run is at 1:15pm here or 4:15pm in the East. Our girls start:
Britt- 2nd
MP- 4th
Mitch- 8th
Shona- 9th
Let's go girls!!


  1. Congratulations Erin! You are awesome and should be very proud of your accomplishment today in Slalom! We all watched and were so excited for you. Have Fun!
    Jo-Ann, Charlie, Brianna and Carlyn


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