I promise I will write about World Juniors, but for now I will just say.... I come back to Canada in 3 days!! And I just found out some of my cousins are coming!!
Home (sort of soon)!
And I knit a new hat...


  1. Hi Erin,

    We're so excited that you are on the Olympic team! We'll be routing for you from Collingwood!

    Lisa, Brammer, Richard & Ace

  2. Cousins, gram and gramps will cheer in chorus for our favorite Olympion on Feb 26th at Whistler.

    "Go go webfoot"

  3. Hey Erin !
    We are sooo pumped to see you rip it up at 2010! Keep it up! We are routing for you! We miss you stay safe and GO FAST !!!

    Love Kandace and the rest of the team !


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