Long Overdue

This will be a LONG, way overdue update that I will probably have to write in segments because I am really bad at this!
Okay... before when I left off we were heading to Panorama. We spent a few days at Pano training, and by training I mean going in to warm up after each run. It was so cold!
After Pano, we headed to Lake Louise for the first Super G of the year, or my year at least. As nervous as I was to start speed again, I had fun. That is not saying that I went super fast, I just skied safe and had a good time. (Happy mom?)
After the super g, we headed back to Pano for 5 Nor Ams. First, were the two slalom races. The first day our team swept the first 4 spots. I came third. The next day I was in second after first run and then fell three gates from the bottom. It was a pretty disappointing day, but I was skiing better my second run, so I have to look towards the positives.
The gs races were the next two days. When we woke up on the morning of he first gs, we were surprised to see snow on the ground. The race was interesting because the course continued to get faster, the more people that ran on it. Within those two days, we had a mixture of fairly turny courses and also one of (if not) the straightest courses I have ever skied. I guess it was good that I did some super g to get prepared for it. The gs races were fairly difficult for me because of the soft snow and the flat hill. I was looking forward to having fun doing the super g and then going home for Christmas.
The super combined was a lot of fun. The super g was a little bit better than Lake Louise and I had a lot more fun, which is all I was asking for. I think I may have even scored! The slalom portion was a lot of fun. No pressure, no worries, just go as hard as I can! It was a pretty short course, which is characteristic of a slalom in a super combined. I won the slalom portion, which moved me up a little bit closer in the super combined portion.
After the super combined, I was ready to go home! I was missing my family and friends and my own bed. I decided to take the red eye to Montreal (to visit Kevin) the night after the super g. So we packed everything up and headed to the airport for CHRISTMAS BREAK!!


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