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The other night we raced a Europa Cup slalom. I came 21st after first run. It was a pretty straight course, which seems to be the theme of our season. The next run I came 3rd and ended up 10th, which is a step up from last year. (I remember shedding a tear or two).
Yesterday was the FIS slalom. I came 10th first run (which wasn't an amazing run). I tried to just go all out my second run. I made a decent mistake, had trouble getting back into it, then fell. But that is slalom for you.
Today we are traveling Crans Montanta, Switzerland. We are driving to a car train, and then taking the car train through the mountains.
PS.... I changed the setting for my comments and now it is open to everyone (aka you can comment if you want now)... sorry!


  1. Dear Erin!!!
    I am reading with interst. Many of the Polish
    clients are asking about you. Good Marketing!!!
    We are of to austria with the girls < so we will be thinking and praying for good results!!!
    have fun robert marysia gabriella Hannia
    Poland will and is on your side!!!!!!

  2. Hi Erin,

    Super, super happy to hear about you making the team....we had a great feeling that you'd be there! CONGRATULATIONS & KNOW we're cheering LOUDLY from Vancouver Island :)

    Janet & Chris

  3. I erin dont forget im cheering for and i was wondering if you could help me out we are doing research at school about a olympic sport and athlete and i picked you sooo could you tell me about what you do for training and about your coach!!!! please

  4. I'm doing an alpine skiing report on you in school. Would you please tell me about yourself? Maybe your family, favorites, couch, training, hobbies, or interesting facts? P.S. I think your the greatest alpine skier EVER!

  5. Hi.I think your the best Alpine Skiier ever! And guess what? My name's Erin too!!

  6. I can definitely give you more information. I can email/ send it to you if you want to leave your email and I can delete it from my blog as soon as I get it...
    Or if you aren't comfortable about that we can figure something else out. Maybe I'll do a blog post.
    Sorry it took me so long to answer, I only just noticed the comment.


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