I arrived in Tremblant in time to see Kevin's first run, and surprise him! For 4 days I got to be a bystander. I could wear as many warm clothes as I wanted to and keep them on all day. It was fun watching a race on the hill and not being part of it. However, Tremblant was FREEZING! I was so sick of the cold once I got there that I just wanted to sit in front of the fire and drink hot chocolate. But I loved all of the little stores and... warm treats!
On the 23rd, we decided to finish our Christmas Shopping at the Eaton's centre with Charlie. We left... fairly annoyed with people walking into us and a very large box from William Senoma. We made a delicious (very large quantity of mushroom soup) and a Drury steak. I have to call it that because the steaks are better than anything! Kevin left for Whistler on the 24th to "shred the knar", eat oysters and sit by the fire!
On the 24th my dad and I hit the gym! He kept me company doing some physio for his knee. We met up with Jenna and headed to the Mielzynski family dinner of pierogies and fish (no meat on Christmas Eve on my dad's side of the family). Christmas morning we all got up early and watched a movie, eating crab legs and a fabulous breakfast. My mom made Christmas dinner at our new house for my grandparents, while my sister and I tried our hand at making Pumpkin Pie! Dinner was amazing! And the stuffing... was better than words!!!
I had two more days at home, which I spent doing laundry, cooking and relaxing. I got to spend some time with my family and my mom's boyfriend, Chris, who we don't get to see very often.
And I set up my new Kindle (ie ebook) that Kevin gave me. My new best friend on the road!
On the 28th, I left for Quebec to start the long leg of our season. So long big comfy bed, hello one hotel room after the other. I think I counted that I was in about 11 different hotel rooms between November 10th and Christmas..... On the road again.


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