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On the 28th, I hit the road again. Traveling light with my 4 bags. We drove to Val St. Come, Qc once we landed... aka we reached the middle of nowhere and drove an hour north. There was hardly and cell service and $20 for internet... no thank you. We all had our own methods of trying to get internet. Tim made a little pouch at the top of the window (falling off a chair in the process of making a call on speakerphone), Eve (accent grave on the E) taped hers right to the window, Steph and I just stood on the window sill. We trained a few days on the race hill and had New Years day off.
New Years Eve was CRAZY.... not. We played some cards, ate some cupcakes, drank a little wine.... and that's about it. There isn't much else to do an hour North of the middle of nowhere.
Tim set the first course, fairly turny and a lot of fun. I was in the lead after the first run. However, the second run was the straightest course I have ever seen (Set by the Americans). Rumour has it that parts had to be reset because they were over the maximum distance between the gates. Anyways, I ended up second for the day after a disappointing second run. But I scored! which is good. Working my way.. slowly. The next day, the first course was again incredibly straight, but second run was nicer again. I didn't just "throw down" and it showed in my results.
We left Val St Come and headed to Mount St. Anne. We tried to train on the North side, but the snow was too soft. We tried to free ski on the race hill, but the snow was horrible! We didn't know how they were going to prep the run so that it would be safe to run a race.... Well it is two days later now.. and we didn't race any gs. The snow didn't set up and the call was made for safety reasons. We hope the races will be made up during Nor Am finals.
We packed up (which we seem to be doing more of than skiing); trying to figure out which skis go where for the cargo and headed to Montreal for the night. Now we are waiting in the lounge for our flight to Europe. We will train at our "home base" (Kirchberg) for about a week, then... it begins; moving to a new place every 2 nights and racing constantly.
My next blogs should be more exciting, hopefully with pictures and the works.


  1. Go Erin Go
    will be cheering for you!

  2. Good Luck Erin everyone at my school wishes you the best!
    Brianna, Christina and classmates!


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