World Cup Video- Finally!

I finally have video from the World Cup races last season. (My better, second run is at the bottom of this post!)

Today I will just post two videos from the most interesting race of the season.... Arber-Zweisel. This is the race when I cut my chin first run (a gate hit my bar, my bar broke and hit my face) and came 30th. My chin wasn't in very good shape, so I missed inspection and got it taped up by a doctor... On my second run I placed 5th, which put me 13th overall!!
I stood in the leader box for the first time of the season, with pink tape on my face. After this Jenny and I ran to the hospital, so that I could get stitched up.


Here is my first run

This is what I looked like after the first run...

And my second run!

It was definitely an interesting race, but produced the best result of my season!

Stay tuned for video of my World Cup winning run at World Champs!!


  1. Way to get it done Erin, looking forward to watching you ski this year again on the world cup with my athletes! Rip it!



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