Where to Watch Races

I'm just posting a quick update about where to watch the races this weekend.

1) You can just watch the times, with no video, but I can almost guarantee that this will work anywhere. Just click on the link for Aspen SL or Lake Louise, whichever you want to watch!

2) This link works in the US. I am not sure about other countries. You should be able to find Aspen or Lake Louise under the Live Video.

*This link is the best that we have found so far! (And I fixed the link!) 

3) This site you usually have to pay and sign up for, but you can watch the races live, or wait and watch them later. This one may only work in the US. Go to the following link, or click on live events.

4) This link may also work. There is a live feed at the right side of the page under "Latest Skiing News".

Of course, you can also check my previous blog post and try to watch on TV, on NBC or Rogers Sportsnet.

Thanks for cheering us on!!!



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