Since my last post:
1) I turned from Veronica Corningstone, Co-Anchor, back into Erin Mielzynski, Ski Racer.

2) We were supposed to leave for Europe on November 2nd for training, and then head to Levi for our first race on November 12th... Obviously it is the 12th today and lo and behold.... I am not in Levi.

We received an email from our coach on November 2nd from our coach letting us know that Levi might be canceled due to snow issues... or lack there of.  (sorry for the bad video image!)

He told us that the next morning he would send us an email and let us know if we were going to go to Europe or not... that afternoon. The email came in and our trip was canceled due to warm conditions in Europe.
3) Therefore, on to the third change, we decided to head to Nakiska for a training camp before heading to Colorado for our first World Cup of the season... ASSSSPEN!

This isn't much snow, but they made enough snow to open the training hills, and it is amazing. 

Nakiska feels like home, especially now that I spent my summer in Canmore. Also, for once, Nakiska is not too cold!!

Our team has trained for 6 days now (although I missed a day because of a little bug), but the training has been really good. Our race preparation this year has been very good and amazing decisions have been made about where we go and when we train.

The girls had some fun with my camera, on the rails, one day when it was too windy to train gates. (On rock skis of course!)

Check out our new jackets!

You can't miss us now! 

Now we are embracing the winter conditions and our Canadian heritage. We are here in Alberta training on great snow, while Levi, which is north of the Arctic Circle, is experiencing a snow-less fall.

We are staying at a hotel that is by itself in the mountain, so we have to make our own fun.
Sometimes it's photo-shoots...

Other days it is playing soccer while it snows, or jogging on trails in the woods. I differ from many girls on the team because I like staying in the same place for more than a few days. The two weeks we are spending here is time to relax, do some laundry and catch up with friends.

This morning, while I was warming up I came within 10 feet of a few deer, which seemed to stop time for a minute and it was awe inspiring! However, my calm day seemed to end there as I rushed to the car, forgot my shorts in the lodge and forgot my necklace at the gym. Yet, to my surprise I found both items, so thank you to anyone that has ever found anything and returned it or left it there! Paying it forward really does work- and today it saved my day!


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