I'm in Kirchberg now, celebrating Christmas with some of the team and my Dad! To get into the Christmas spirit, Mitch, Eve, Anna and I made a little Christmas card!

Our chef, Marcel, makes it feel like the Christmas season with his homey foods. The manager, Vesna, arranged for a little Christmas tree decorating this afternoon. The stores are busy with pushy people doing last minute shopping and the lights are bright!! It's Christmas!! I wish I was home with my entire family, but I've been joining into the Christmas celebrations via Skype and watching my favourite Christmas movies, that are usually on tv.

Tonight we have a "dress party"... I'm debating wearing this exact outfit...
Merry Christmas everyone! For those of you I won't see, I'll be thinking of you and sending my love for Christmas your way! Enjoy the amazing food, the excited faces, your families and the love that arises around this time of year!
xo- Erin


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