Christmas and SEMMERING!

My Dad arrived on the 23rd and Christmas in Europe began!! Vesna, the manager, bought us a tree and we decorated it with JP's son, Jake!
"ChEEeeeSSSSE!" (I didn't change the setting on my camera fast enough to make it sharper).

We found out fairly quickly that the Christmas ornaments were plastic! Thank goddness!

Mike put his ornament on the tree... and VOILA, our baby Christmas tree.

We woke up on Christmas morning and heard that training was canceled due to bad snow conditions, so we decided to go rodeling! Rodeling is like very extreme tobogganing on a luge like track!
Our team with Anna's boyfriend, Marco (our token American!). Even my Dad came!

Do something crazy... aka everyone throw their hands up in the air?

My dad and I decided to take a walk around Kitzbuhel to try to find some good photo opportunities, so that I can practice. We didn't find much and the light was bad... but I'm trying!
Even at night with a very high F-stop!

After Christmas, we left for Semmering, Austria.

For our first night race of the season! (Thanks for these pictures, Dad!)

FINALLY I felt ready. Ready to give it my all and see where that put me! I started 50th first run and the course and conditions were perfect! Some spectators told me to "drive" fast (drive=ski -German to English translation) and asked what number I was starting. When I said 50, they gave a little laugh and said they wouldn't be there to watch me.

This is a picture from first run... what looks funny?

Here's a closer view...
No, I am not an alien (even though Jenna told me I was adopted at a young age...). One of the first gates hit my bar and moved my helmet up, therefore my goggles down. I was trying to wiggle my nose for the next section trying to move my goggles back up. Maybe it was better to have a distraction though.... I ended up 28th on the run and got a second run!

I started second for the 2nd run and had a perfect course. I had a solid run, but I feel like I have more gas in the tank. I came 11th on the second run and 20th overall!! Hopefully next race I can put everything together; focus, skiing, etc and give it my all again!
The Canadian girls fought hard and had good things happening in both the slalom and gs. Eve finished up 23rd in the slalom, her second best result yet!

Have a Happy New Year everyone, wherever you are!


  1. From Greg Needell's blog...."I also liked the close-up in slow motion of Erin Milezynski of Canada on the second run. As she is in a flush, you can see her eyes looking ahead and scanning the gates after the flush, very cool."

    Great second run; keep that up and they'll be burning your name on the podium :)

  2. Thanks for the comment! It was interesting to read that on his blog... I didn't know it was there before!


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