The Eagle has Landed

I arrived in Kirchberg, Austria, our home in Europe, a few days ago. I met the other girls coming from Montreal at the airport. They missed their flight in Frankfurt and didn't get their bags for over 24hours, so the first day of training it was only me with 4 coaches... That was a first. And the girls tried to decorate our European home... (Jenny (our physio), Anna, Eve and Britt)

For the first two days of training we drove over an hour to a small training area called Hinterreit because our training hill wasn't ready yet.
The road to the hill taken through the window of the car... (Can you see why we got stuck after stopping on a hill to wait for an Austrian coach to put chains on his tires?... in the middle of the road with no passing lane)

The "lodge" (definition: a meeting place consisting of a small restaurant and large barns/garages)

Hinterreit consists of one running t-bar (one inactive t-bar) and a training hill that is a farmers backyard. He developed a way to put an injection bar, to make the hill icy, on the back of a snow cat and produced the best and most consistent training area in Europe.
And it's beautiful...

Tim and Jay spent 4 hours up on our hill watering the training run to make it icy and hard! Basically they open up the snow with the groomer, spray liter upon liter of water on the snow and close the snow back up again. Thanks to their hard work (on Tim's birthday nonetheless) we have had two amazing days of training.
Happy Birthday Tim!

Yesterday, after training, we had yoga and core with our physio Jenny and then met with our chef, Marcel, to bake some spelt bread!!
I made morning bread (fig bread), while Anna made lunch bread (olive bread)!
These are the ingredients we used...

It is all about working the bread... And getting messy!

Ladies and gentlemen it is a good sign if your arm is burning (...I hope, or all that training for nothing)

We videoed the cooking lesson, so we can start an online "Cooking for Athletes" book by our amazing chef!

Anna and I couldn't wait to try our bread for dessert, even though we were supposed to wait until it cooled.... at least somewhat.

Doesn't it look good!! MMM I love bread!

While the bread finished baking, Tim decided to brush up on his racing skills. I guess this is how coaches keep working even off the hill... Look at the concentration.

Except that athlete looks severely injured. Maybe Tim has a violent streak?

My bag is packed for Italy tomorrow. We race in Italy on Saturday, travel to France on Sunday for a race on Tuesday and then head back to Kirchberg for an Austrian Christmas. And yes, we are extreme and train on Christmas Eve and Christmas day!


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