A Long Time Coming

Sorry it has taken me so long to blog! I had a tough month last month and took a little time "away from it all". I don't have too many pictures of all the experiences I had, but this is what I do have!
After we froze ourselves in Nakiska, we headed to Loveland for two days of training before the World Cups in Aspen. I didn't end up racing the gs because 6 races in a row, ie 8 difficult days on snow, would have been a lot. I needed to focus on the important 3 days of slalom, and improving my points in gs, which is easier at the Nor Am level.

My Dad, Mom and her boyfriend, Clay, came to watch me at this series of races and I couldn't have asked for anything better. My dad stayed on course to take pictures, and I never knew where my Mom and Clay would end up.

My Mom and I at the finish in Aspen!!

Trying to carry everything without looking really awkward... or falling. I'll leave modeling and looking good while walking to my friends!

I saw friends from the Peaks, Bryony and Bruce, at the bottom of the race. Thanks for all the pictures!!
Contemplating the day... while very focused on my mitt or Leki strap...
I don't think they know what they are getting themselves into... At least it's not a helmet, or jacket.... or tattoo. I didn't come top 30 in the WC in Aspen and therefore didn't make a second run. But my teammates Mitch, Eve and Anna did very well!! Eve came 19th which is the best result of her career to date!

The next races that followed were two slaloms in Loveland and two giant slaloms in Aspen (so back we went two days later). I didn't perform as well as I wanted to, but at least my Dad was there to catch a good shot!
To recap, my 5 days of racing didn't go very well in regards to my results. I won't get into all of the specifics, but I will say that once I took a step away from everything for a while, I learned some positive lessons in the end! (And I came away with a nice little collage)
Now I am in Europe for the next month and a half... And now you are doing the Math and wondering if that includes Christmas too. Yes it does. BUT, I already had to Christmas dinners, one with Kevin in Burlington and one with my Mom and Clay at home in Collingwood! I have a few new things to bring on the road with me, like my new Canon camera and winter boots- The later I needed desperatly my last day in Collingwood walking home from the gym. There are no longer sidewalks and you can't see past the snow banks. I was waiting to cross the street in the left hand turning lane... And my mom didn't want me to go sky diving... The Hazards of Walking!
Here are a few pictures taken with my BB:

Sorry for the graininess of the pictures (Aka in photography terms- There is a lot of noise!)

Also, THIS JUST IN (not really but it's still really exciting), my Dad is coming to visit me for two weeks at Christmas!! Maybe it will be the most wonderful time of the year after all!!


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