TIME OFF? What is that?

Immediately after spring series Kev and I drove down to Burlington, VT, so he could get back to school like a good boy. Kevin realized his "Bieber fever" and is now obsessed, "Ah Thank you". The week went by fairly uneventfully. I decided to attempt to make myself useful, filling my time with reading, staying active, a calculus workbook and making a money/card case out of a Starbuck's mint holder. 
Now you have seen the extent of my artistic abilities. I will leave all the rest to Grace and Baye*!
Friday night Kevin and I went to get the BEST sushi I have ever had in my life! We ate so much Sushi and it was incredible! After dinner we went to grab neon headbands for a Neon/Blacklight party. However, when we got there, we realized that what we thought would "glow" did not. We ran (actually ran) out to the American Apparel and to get decked out. The pictures taken were definately worth our money spent. And coming from me that is saying a lot! Kevin and I! (Check out my sweet shorts, expect to see them in the gym. They'll keep me happy for long gym sessions.) 

Bobby and Colin
Tim before the ingestion of a glow stick... 
Meg and Lyndee
On Saturday, we went to a cute little diner for breakfast! I was finally able to give into my craving for banana pancakes (but compared to our waffle pancakes at home, they don't even compare. We spent the day walking around the brick roads of Burlington in the sun. 
I brought out my denim apparel, thinking I was following the spring denim trend. Instead I was told that I was wearing a Canadian suit, especially with my moccasins. Typical. Why do these things always happen to me? I tried so hard... 
We went to an amazing place for dinner. It is a typical Vermont cafe, and by that I mean that everything is fresh, healthy and they love tofu. Perfect. I had a lentil soup and tofu sandwich. Followed by flu like symptoms until noon the next day (not because of the food, but I'm not sure what it was...) 
All in all... I love time off!!!
*BAYE'S ARTISTIC TALENT... check it! And if you like it... get your own with a personal design! Personally I can say that they are the absolute best! 

The front
The back (and yes my big toe is that much bigger than the rest... no I am not a Cartoon)
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