Kevin and I have been on many adventures lately.

We hiked up Sulfur Mountain to check out the view of Banff from above.

This little guy welcomed us to the top!

We just finished up our third week of intense training and it has been an amazing, eventful 3 weeks. During the first week, Britt crashed at the velodrome... OUCHH!!! This is my nightmare!
Every time we drive back from Calgary to Canmore, it feels like we are returning home again... to the mountains.

Last weekend, Kev got his AMAZING new road bike and we decided to test it out. I can honestly say that I do not have a chance of keeping up any longer, however our ride was still incredible! After going 77km/h, we saw an elk, three mountain goats and five deer, while Castle Mountain looked down on us!

That afternoon the team came to Canmore and we celebrated my birthday with a games day!
(PS: Make note of Kevin's face in this picture)

Kevin, the slack lining ninja

Will he jump? Onto Phil? What about Morgan?

Teamwork! But what is going on in the background?

This doesn't look like a fun way to celebrate a birthday, cold tubbing on a cold day!  BBRRR

Yet again, Kevin made sure that my birthday was incredible! Even though I felt sick and was a bit sad to be away from my family, Kevin made sure my birthday memorable once again!

Dinner was amazing!

However, most of the time I am not wearing a dress and sitting at a fancy restaurant... I think I need to invest in chain cleaner. My chain fell off and got stuck just before reaching home... Needless to say biking the rest of the way was a bit messy.

Sundays are our days to run errands and relax! We test our minds and enjoy a cup of tea.

We've been loving life, learning ways to save money and trying to avoid the changing weather!

While at home my puppy grows, but will she ever be this big?

"What I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Then"
Anna and Shona have started an amazing website, ski camp and mentor-ship for girls in skiing. It is called Ski Sisters Racing. Every week they have a new episode, by a different female athlete called What I know now that I wish I knew then. Here is the link to my episode:

That got me thinking of something that Madison Irwin once told me when we were younger. She told me that if you ever get nervous just remember...

Soon I will post videos from our training!! Boxing, jumping off the 10m tower at diving, hurdles, weights and much more! Stay tuned!


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