Flooding, Cooking, Snow and FERNIE!

It has been a rainy spring and summer... Actually currently I am waiting out the rain to do my intervals for the day. 
I haven't been in school for a little bit, but I think we can make this conclusion
Too much rain = Flooding!

We've been keeping busy on these rainy days. Marcel came in to give us a healthy cooking class!

We made kale salad, potato salad, stuffed mushrooms, rice salad, kohlrabi and.... Italian chicken!!! MMMM

Finally the rain stopped... And the snow began.

Kevin and I decided to hide from the precipitation.

Behind a Jenga game!

And Watzit! ChimP  - But what could this mean?!! *Answer at the bottom*

I tried my hardest and was very careful.

But I couldn't compete with Kevin's engineering skills. TIMMBBEERRR

Sometimes we try to beat the rain. Some days we are successful, while others we are not. We were stuck in a downpour on our road ride to Lake Louise one day... I was soaked through and freezing!
But when the sun came out as soon as we reached our car, so did our friends.

And we were greeted with a beautiful view for our drive home.

Finally the sun came out and I took advantage of the warm weather to go for a run. My first day running I ended up farther along the trail than I thought I would. I tried to stay calm, however my easy breathing left me when I saw a deer leg in the middle of the path.
My next run was much more successful!

This weekend we escaped to Fernie for a couple of days. We were greeted with a warm welcome and were given amazing accommodation at the Fernie Lodging Co!

At breakfast Maddy ordered two meals. The waitress said, "Either you are an athlete, or you are amazing." I'd say a combination of both!!

I decided to hop on my mountain bike and try to conquer my fears where they all began.

And guess what... NO FALLS!!! I thought Jenny was kidding when she said we would bike up a trail called Hyper Ventilation, however it wasn't a joke. We met a biker training for a 24h race near the top, it was his second time up that day. However, I asked him, "Ya, but did you have to carry these meat sacks up the whole way (while pointing to my legs)."

At times the rocks were loose and I had to use a little bit of my self talk! COMMON ERIN!
(Here is a video Anna and Shona [skisistersracing.com] filmed for Fast and Female about self talk during competition featuring MP, Mitch and myself)

Kev is excited that we can FINALLY bike together (and that I didn't shed a tear). This is our "Erin made it without falling" face.

Trust me, it's taken a long time to reach those faces.

However, MP used the theory that "If you haven't fallen, you haven't gone hard enough." She fell, unfortunately on her phone :(

After an AMAZING weekend filled with great food, fun rides and awesome company, we headed back to Canmore. MP almost got run over by the biggest truck in the world!

Where did Kevin go?

Oh there you are!

Thanks to Jenny for an amazing weekend and helping conquer fears!! Now let's do a little sunshine dance so that summer can really begin!

*Answer: To make a monkey out of him*


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