Diving- Conquering Fears

Yesterday was our 5th diving session and we are all getting a little more comfortable. We are practicing front flips into dives, back dives, back flips, roll ins, etc. A few reporters came to our session, so here are a few pictures, videos and articles. More to come!
 Picture: The Calgary Herald

We do a little bit of dryland training beforehand, however no amount of on land training can prepare us for the feeling of diving into the water... There were a few splashes and belly flops! OW!
 Picture: The Calgary Herald

We've been diving in order to learn how to conquer our fears, and deal with stressful situations. We also learn body awareness, timing and spacial awareness. It also keep us excited and fresh for dryland. Sometimes the days are hard and long, however when these new activities are added into our schedule it keeps us smiling and challenging ourselves.

Here is the article in the Calgary Herald.

I will get more videos on here soon!! That's all I have for now! The tv broadcast will air on Monday.


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