Sunday, April 22, 2012

Puppy Days

HOME SWEET HOME!! Basically my days are filled with organizing, unpacking, playing with Boulder, working out and seeing friends.
This is my buddy through everything! She loves her bear!

One day my Boulder get very sick! We were scared that she ate a sock... Today she is as hyper and mischievous as always.

Boulder walks through the house to see what she can steal. Sometimes it is a sock, other times a tooth brush. She doesn't  usually chew the stolen objects, but the attention that it brings her never seems to be enough.

One day I drove to Guelph to see my girlfriends. The drive was beautiful!

I felt girly as we did our nails...

My friend Rachelle did my hair! She's an amazing hair dresser!

And painter!

When I headed home Boulder and I hit the slopes.

She loves the water, especially if there are small waterfalls. It makes me take a second look at nature, and appreciate my surroundings.

We were in our element. 

My mom's boyfriend lent me his car for the day! It was a fun day filled with loud music and feeling pretty cool!

Kevin came back for the weekend!

My mom was happy to see him. 

 As was I... "You don't need wings to fly."

It seems like I have spent more time at the top of the escarpment than at the bottom! I try to find a new trail every day.  

Kev and I got creative with my camera!

I guess I didn't "Get it from my Momma!"

Last night we have a little bonfire with Morgan Megarry! It's nice to have a few new friends around town!


Home is great, but it seems as if there are always things to do and I am always on the go! I am moving to Canmore soon to start this process all over again! Hopefully I hear back soon to hear confirmation about my rental place! Keep your fingers crossed for me please.