Old Quebec

After the Nationals we headed to Montreal for an Own The Podium event. However, before the event we went up on the hill to watch the guys and do a "slip for NIK". Unlike previous days, it was FREEZING!! MP and I got into the car and couldn't take our Swagg(s) off.
I made a song: "I love my Swagg today. More than yesterday. It was sunny, it was warm. But today it is so cold." That is all. I'm a talented song writer, I know. I might quit skiing and take up this new profession. Mayber Justin Bieber will buy my stuff.

The next day we headed to Quebec city for a three day gs camp to test out the new skis. I went for a jog on the Plains D'Abraham, and decided to take a few sets of stairs down. Well a few sets turned into a full mountain of stairs, and just remember once you go down, you have to go up.

I don't remember the last time I skied three days of GS in a row. It was fun to do run after run and test the new skis, which I like by the way!! Many people ask the difference, and for WC girls on Rossi the difference isn't huge. I am changing from a ski that is 189cm long with a 27m radius, to a ski that is 188cm long with a 30m radius.
One day I was a bit tired and fell inside. It had snowed a lot of wet snow the night before, so as I was sliding I hit the burm and stopped fast... using my chin as an e-brake. I decided that it was a good opportunity to make a little collage of all my chin injuries over the past two years (and I have had more). I figured out that I don't have "girl problems" I have "chin problems".
                                                                                                                 most recent
Eventually Kevin came to race the spring series!  

I tried to look as cool as Kevin up on the wall around Quebec City. Somehow I failed though, maybe my fear of heights shows?

We had a few amazing days of racing. It would freeze at night and grow warm during the day!

Our last two races of the year were GS races! I was really excited for these races because they were my 3rd and 4th real GS races of the season. I ended up second on the first day and scored an 18! On the second day I was leading the first run. I don't remember the last time I led a first run in GS. I ended up second for the day behind Mitch and scored another 18.

It was a good way to end the season! I am looking forward to next season. There are a lot of changes that I want to make and I can't wait to rest up, work out and make those changes happen.

Apparently, Kevin's love of flipping is now rekindled. UH OH!

Currently I am sitting in a beautiful house in Whistler, with a fire blazing behind me, looking out at the blue sky and mountains.
Tomorrow Whistler Cup starts, and I will be able to watch as a spectator about 7 years after I competed in Whistler Cup myself. Wow, has it really been that long!


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