World Cup Finals

After we got back from Are, Sweden, Mitch, Jenny and I headed to the Stanglwirt Hotel near Kitzbuhel!

It is an amazing hotel with a relaxing spa, great food and big rooms!

As Mitch would say, "There's nothing like home, but there's the Stanglwirt." This was our 7 course menu for our last night.

After our relaxing days we headed to Schladming, Austria for World Cup finals! This was the view from our hotel.

My goal this year was to make it to finals and it felt good to achieve my goal! The days leading up to our race were a bit hectic, we did quite a bit of filming about a day in the life of Mitch and I.

All of us were racing for Nik, and will continue to race for Nik. Having this on my poles not only reminds me of Nik, but it reminds me to take a second, breathe and embrace my surroundings. I'm upset that I didn't get to make it to the bottom with this written on my pole guards, but there are many races to come!

Mitch and I trained for a few days in Reiteralm leading up to the race. The days were warm and beautiful! I love this time of the season!

Our week was packed full. We went to the Milka party, played tennis, trained, napped for 2 hours a day and had a great dinner with Rossignol! I tested out my new hairstyle.

Unfortunately, our team couldn't race the team event on Friday. The speed guys had to fly home right after their last race in order to make it to Nationals in time. Mitch, Mike Janyk and I tried to race with 3 racers instead of 4, but they wouldn't allow us to race one man short. Instead we organized to have lunch in our meeting room, so that we could eat and cheer on the other teams. Austria ended up winning the team event, Nolan Kasper definitely had the best finish moves and it was heartbreaking watching Resi fall. We're praying for her speedy recovery!

On the day of the race I felt ready. Training had been quite good and I was excited to race again and have another shot at it. I was a little tired going into the race, but nothing that I couldn't deal with. I pushed out of the start and tried to get into the rhythm right away, but then the next thing I knew I was on the ground. I fell VERY early in my run. Some say that I booted out, some say that I hit some weird snow, but all in all I should have been over my skis more, cared less and stood up. I was very disappointed in my race, especially because my parents and Clay flew the whole way there to watch 3 gates.
However, Mitch ended the year with a 6th place! It was exciting cheering for her!
Right after I fell I was asked to do an interview. It was hard to pull myself into a better position to answer all of the questions.

However, finals was a lot of fun! After the race I did an interview for Eurosport Poland and then had lunch with my family.
The next day I was able to get them closer to the finish line to watch the men's slalom and women's gs. 


The hill doesn't look as steep in this picture, but it is... I swear.

There were many spectators! Some said 40,000.

The race hill is lit up at night. Always a reminder of what is coming for the next day! 

Here's to a good World Cup season.

And to Nolan for amazing moves in the finish. In the slalom he threw up his glove and pretending to shoot it with his pole. Inventive! 

This morning Mitch and I started our journey to Quebec for the Nationals! We woke up at 3:45am and packed the van at 4am. Between the two of us we filled up the van with 11 checked bags, 4 carry ons and of course Mitch's trophy! Mitch's lap was a comfy way to ride to the airport.

Now I am sitting in the lounge, and it is 11pm our time. This has been a long day! I can't wait to shower and sleep horizontally!
Nationals here we come. We are missing the downhill, but the super G is on Thursday! Let the racing begin and the season come to an end!


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