Highs and Lows: Rest in Peace Nik and Congratulations Mitch

*Many of these pictures come from other sources including Anna Goodman, Marie-Michelle Gagnon, MP Prefontaine and Alpine Canada.

First of all, I would like to start out by saying that my thoughts and prayers go out to Nik and his family and friends. Like Mike Janyk today, we will be racing for you. You will be missed dearly and forever in our hearts.

On Sunday, Canada lost a great man who was a role model for many as he followed his dreams and did what he loved to do. Nik was a genuinely nice guy who inspired many people in Collingwood and abroad. 
---Rest in Peace and God Bless---

Also on Sunday, Canada was filled with pride as Mitch stood on a step of the podiumed for the first time in her career!!

Yesterday, in Are, Sweden, 

(My view from the bike!)

 Mitch PODIUMED for her first time!! We made a joke that I had broken the ice... but it was NO JOKE!

Yay Mitch! WOOOO!!! Ahh!!! AMAZING!!

Yesterday, while Mitch was rocking, my day ended early. I had good training leading up to the race. I was feeling good and wanted to solidify my race gear. I pushed out of the start and everything faded away. I felt the love of skiing and simply skied. At the first interval, I was 3rd. However, just under half-way down the course I straddled. I was off my just a hair, a fraction of an inch, and that is all that it takes sometimes in slalom. My ski went around the wrong side of the gate.
However, I feel positive going into finals. I know that straddles happen and I am happy that I was skiing well before-hand, however of course I am disappointed. 
After the race we drove to Norway for our flight the next day. However, the snow storm had hit in full strength! Hugues was trusting his inspection of the road to trust that it still went straight!

I guess they call some goals dreams b/c when they eventually happen you have to continue to remind yourself that you aren't dreaming. (My first bib draw)

Photo: Anna Goodman


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