In case you missed it...
A little recap of the last month.
I visited Kevin in Burlington and then headed to Panorama for two Nor Am slalom races. I ended up placing first both of these races.
From here I flew to Courchevel, which had received more snow than I could have imagined. After one postponed race, we ended up racing the next day!

I ended up placing 13th in Courchevel!
After Courchevel, we headed to Flachau

for a night slalom!

I ended up 14th in Flachau!
After Flachau, my Dad and I went to Vienna and Salzburg to celebrate Christmas. My Grandpa said that I had a representative at the table though...

After Christmas we headed to Lienz to race!

I made my way into the top 30 to start, and started number 28th. I placed 22nd in the race... and was a little disappointed.

We saw some amazing snow falls, and beautiful views.

And once or twice had to do a make shift workout because of the crazy gym hours!

And were kept company by some European snow men.

Finally, we traveled to Zagreb. I was ready to race, however couldn't keep up with the course. I ended up going out of the course and had a very short day.

A couple days later I arrived back home. Greeted by some of my favourite faces, in our beautiful new home that is no longer "the project".

I headed to the Peaks for a day... and finally conquered my fear of Rogers, although it was just as icy as I remember it being. It made me question why I am ever intimidated by ice, when I grew up skiing on it.
My Dad made me a few signature cards, with my personal sponsors that I am very GRATEFUL to have!
Thank you!
- Polar Securities
- Georgian Peaks
- Rossignol
- Uvex
- Leki

After a few, near vomit workouts, I am now back in Europe to do what I love. Today I got to take a few runs on my GS skis for the first time since the beginning of December! GS here I come.... eventually....
It was so nice being home. I hadn't been back since mid October, so now my memory is clear again, and I can imagine what everyone is doing at home.
I miss my family and friends, but everyone knows that I am with them in spirit! And apparently I take after my mom.

The tree was left up when I got home, and the lights sparkled at night. I received many amazing gifts during the holidays, including time to spend with my loved ones. After visiting my grandparents, I now have a fetish bear that my grandpa carved sitting on my dresser. I didn't mean to come by this exact bear, but I love it and it reminds me of my family through and through. My grandma loves these bears for their lines, and my grandpa makes them for my grandma. My mom wears the fetish bear around her neck, and sometimes I am called a bear. So while he sits on my dresser, guarding my home, I am fighting my way down the hill- bear styles! 

The fetish bear "has the power to heal and transform human passions into true wisdom. They believe that Bear is invaluable whenever you are faced with change and transition and that it can be your ally when you are attempting to resolve conflict, forgive yourself or others for errors of the past, or when you are faced with new challenges in your spiritual path."


  1. Pretty stoked that I made it onto your super rad postcard! Way to kick ass out there Erin. Keep it up!


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