In Whistler we decided to do First Tracks!
I assure you, these are not the faces I saw upon waking up, but we got there. 

The mountains were beautiful in the morning.

Who is that monster?

I am usually on the hill early training or warming up, however it is amazing what you miss if you aren't looking.

I have been the first one on the hill multiple times, but I take it for granted. I never noticed how peaceful it is, how the corduroy feels under you feet, how the mountain feels like my home. 

Sometimes you have to slow down your life to realize all of these things. To see the tracks you made on the snow, to realize how much you truly love every day in this paradise.

And of course you have to cherish best friends!

And family!

And inukshuks? Okay I'll stop there...


I met Charlie waterskiing when I was little. He would come ski at the ski school I trained at. Years later I met Kevin. They are cousins. It's a small world!

Rock and rollers!

Jump fail. Facial expression by me.... success.... no fail.

Alright we'll just stand and pose.

Peak to Peak! AHHHH

I guess I always have to remember to take a second and realize just how amazing that corduroy really is. Sometimes when people try to live their lives, they fill their lives and forget to take that second to really appreciate what is really in their lives.

Question answered: I did decide to do speed at Nationals. I'll report more soon (hopefully with pictures!) 


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