We are toughing it out at Nakiska right now in the snow and cold. The first few days here it snowed like crazy, and now it is freezing. Today skiing was canceled because it was too cold to train. It was supposed to be -50C with moisture and wind chill... no thank you!
So on days off we fill the days with anything we can, concerts in small tea houses, knitting, catching up on tv shows, photo-shoots, media productions, games of Catch Phrase and Balderdash, etc.
This was Kelly's work of art from yesterday...
Before you watch this there are a few things you must know:
1) There was no snow at Nakiska before the slalom girls came
2) Anna organizes colourful photoshoots with weird clothing, then the rest of us take the pictures and post them on our blogs too
3) Matt Jordan is our dryland trainer and has us do many glute strengthening activities.
4) We have to tap our faces to try to prevent frost bite
5) We have a hydration test a few times during a camp and have to pee in a cup... no matter if we have to go or not.
6) Catsuit (Great Britain) = Downhill suit (North American)
With that cleared up.... ENJOY!

On that note, I will now "take all the photos [from Anna's camera] and put them up on my twitter, facebook and personal blog to show my 5 followers how crazy cool we are".
MP recently started a company called "I got SWAG" and makes AMAZING neck warmers to keep us warm and make us the team with the most "swag" (define: apperance, style, or the way a person presents them-selves).

Green Swag


Anna loves her swag!

Mitch... slap slap slap slap.. slapslap

AWWWW Kelly.... is sort of hiding her swag.

That's better!! (Sweet Shoes too!)

Snow Fun! (before it got REALLY cold!)

I wouldn't do this now in the -36C... but at the time it was amazing.. SNOW!!
I like the more candid shots the best!.. Apparently

We met up with Chemmy and Britt and things got more... interesting.

I guess Mp's Swag works with anything...
I love Chemmy's Swag!

And Kelly should dye her hair pink... agreed? I had to crop myself out of this one, but Kelly looks amazing!

If you want some SWAG go to!!

I'll blog again soon with some colder pictures! Tomorrow we head to Colorado for the World Cups in Aspen and the Nor Ams! I'm racing my first World Cup GS on the weekend... Should be interesting... AND fun!


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