... SHEEP!

So... I'm in New Zealand now!! We started off our trip in Lake Tekapo and skied at Round Hill. This is basically like exactly how it sounds... a fairly round hill by a big lake. And it is ABSOLUTELY beautiful.During the week in Lake Tekapo, our training was amazing. I got a lot of new, fresh, solid feelings in GS, SL and yes mom, SG! Most days were sunny and I looked forward to getting in as many runs as I could. The ski hill's slogan is, "For the newly wed and the nearly dead".On one of our last days, we decided to take a ride up the World's longest and steepest rope tow! dun, Dun, DUNNN

After about 7 runs of super g and 12 runs of slalom we put on our harnesses and headed up for one last run. Eve in her harness
Using our "nut crackers", a type of clamp that hooks around the rope and you hold it shut, we clamped onto the rope tow. I was a bit nervous about how close my hand holding the cracker was coming to the wheels that the rope goes in between. The lifty at the bottom wasn't kidding when he said to hold on tight.The little lines that you see on the bottom right is where we usually ski...Once I got to the top, arms and legs burning, I looked around and saw one of the most beautiful mountain scenes I have ever seen in my life. It is hard to explain exactly how amazing the view was, but to give you a slight picture, the mountain beneath us was so steep that we had a perfect panoramic view and everything beneath us looked flat (even the area we usually ski at).On our last night we went to bed looking out the window at vegetation and clear roads and woke up to CHRISTMAS TIME!! There was snow everywhere. Skiing was canceled and we had to wait for the pass to open to start our trip to Coronet Peak near Queenstown.
Kelly, MP, Me and Elli in Queenstown

While we ski at Coronet, we stay on a golf course just outside of town. I am staying in a house with 8 other girls, hardwood floors and a fireplace! We have a local chef that cooks our meals for us, giving us time to venture into Queenstown, watch video, do dryland or... nap. By the water where the market is on the weekends.

Our days have been very productive at Coronet. We have had ice, bumpy snow, soft snow, flats, PITCHES, fog, rain, snow.... almost everything!
Our GS days have been tough and challenging because it is so early in the season. BUT I've been trying to keep that in perspective and remember the amazing feelings I had in Round Hill and free skiing. SL felt awkward and tough at first, but now I am just trying to ski as hard as I possibly can and I'm having fun doing it! We have done two races here so far. The first was a GS, that was a learning day for me. The second was a slalom where I got to see how my skiing compares time-wise. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I ended up winning the first run. However, I straddled the second run... but my goal for the day was reached and I skied more confidently than I have in a while.New Zealand is amazing so far. The training is great, the views are incredible and the kiwis (AND salmon) taste better than ever. We are all started to feel the fatigue of the camp, but it is easier to keep going when we can visit the market on the weekend, play charades and Kevin comes to visit me!On the drive back from Queenstown



  1. Rockin Post! Seems a world away from Lake Tahoe in the summer- Hope you are having a great time. Got this via Twitter.

  2. Hi Erin,

    We are Peaks members and are going to be in solden next week. There with my 10 year old son, Nikolai who is attending a camp in Solden with the Danish U15 National Ski Team.

    We love to try and hook up for a run, a bike or just a quick coffee...

    We are at jesper@sugarmedia.ca / 416 994 6615


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