Finally... Whistler

On Friday, our Calgary camp finished on a rather rainy note. However, when I arrived in Vancouver it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. despite what the weather reports predicted. Kevin came to pick me up at the airport, and we started the drive down to Whistler. We stopped at a bakery on the way and had a sandwich sitting by the ocean watching the boats.
It was a perfect end to a long week.
I love Whistler weather (most of the time). The weather is hardly ever predicted properly and it can switch at the drop of a dime. When we drove into Whistler it was still fairly sunny, but it felt like all of a sudden two rainbows appeared, and it started pouring rain accompanied by thunder and lightning.
The next day we decided to go on a hike! We searched Whistler weather (yet again) and it said it was currently raining... but looking outside there was hardly a cloud in the sky. Whister- 1... weather man- 0.
We started our hike, figuring out that:
1) My heart rate monitor adds our heart rates together if we are both wearing a monitor.
2) In order to get our heart rates high enough, we had to run down every flat section and downhill and hike quickly up every uphill.
3) Note to self: retire old, smelly shoes that gave me quarter sized blisters.
4) Bears are afraid of two people running clumsily down a hill, and trample quickly out of the way.
5) We should pose the question: Can a slug ever be attracted to a snake?
The views were beautiful. We hiked up a rock slide to sit at the top and have an aerial view of Whistler.
Kevin scrambled up the rocks and posed at the top of "our" rock.

AND it seems that... I'm a bit more afraid of heights than I thought. I (embarrassingly) crawled to the edge of the rock, and had to be persuaded to get out of my comfort position (a squat).

After our hike, I decided to take another shot at mountain biking. Kevin, Baye (Kevin's sister) and I headed out to the trails. After a few failed attempts at making it over rocks and walking across narrow bridges, it started to become a little bit more comfortable.
This morning everyone woke up early for FATHER'S DAY (Happy Father's day DAD- I wish you were here). The boys went for a mountain bike ride, while the rest of us cooked breakfast: french toast, fresh fruit, whipped cream, bacon, freshly squeezed juice and tea.
I love Sundays! AND I love the mountains.


  1. Welcome to my home town where Whistler and the Weather man are often at odds with eachother.


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