Bird's Eye View

After a tough week at the gym, Kev decided it was time for the other half of my birthday gift. Baye (Kev's sister) works at Ziptrek in Whistler and the three of us decided to go under the "family deal" that Baye can get for us.
Thanks Baye!
Baye and I!

Ziptrek: Basically, you start at the top of a tree or valley on a platform. Get hooked in by a harness to a strong wire that connects to the other side of the valley, then you "zip" across. The longest line that we did was 2200ft, which is more than twice the height of the Eiffel tower.
Getting ready to zip.

I'm not going to lie. I am not great with heights, but it wasn't a factor at all. It was so much fun... and so fast. We went upside down, spun, yelled and zoomed through the forest over the river.
Baye's a pro.
There are 5 lines in total. After the 3rd line, the main guide asked if I would volunteer to be pushed back into the middle, so he could test another guide's skills at getting me back to the platform. When he asked, Baye and Kevin's faces were priceless because they know how I am about heights. But it wasn't an issue on the lines at all.

Waiting to get "saved".
All in all, an amazing birthday gift, with amazing people!!

On a side note: This guy walking around the soccer field looks harmless right...
Maybe until he looks you straight in the eye.


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