A Day In the Life...

We are now back in Calgary for another training block, meaning many hours in the gym and getting the work done. However, all week, Calgary was cold, overcast and rainy. Kelly and I took our chocolate chewable vitamin D pills and jumped head first into training. On Thursday, Kelly McBroom, Britt Phelan and I decided to go for a trail run for our cardio. "Rain" by Mika came on my ipod as the first song, and set the mood for the run. It was raining slightly as we headed into the woods. We found the trail and noticed a sign on the tree that said.. "Closed, Extreme Washout". Well, I guess you should always obey the signs. We decided to go anyways and experience the washout. I would know if someone was in front of me because of the slip marks in the mud and sometimes, the sound of falling. All in all a rewarding workout!
On Friday, we decided to get out of the dorm rooms and go out for dinner in downtown Calgary. Andrea Bliss (who used to ski with us) drove down from Edmonton to visit us for the night! Mitch, Mp and Eve
Me, Andrea and Colin

The next day we decided to go for a 3 hour hike for our cardio.Mp, Mitch, Eve, Britt and I headed to Canmore and met up with Anna and Shona! Once we got there, we learned that the first trail was closed, so we drove to another trail that Shona didn't know as well.We started hiking, excited for our outing, and a different form of cardio than running or biking.
However, very quickly, our hike became closer to a mountain climb.Eventually, we made it to the top, and it was worth every second of the climb. (Mitch and Eve) (Britt sitting at our lunch spot)
We stopped at the top for a lunch, sitting at what felt like the top of the world.I had carrots in my mouth (typical).
We weren't sure how we were going to make it back down the mountain, however we managed to find a nice trail and thought like mountain goats.
When we got down we sat in the cold river to regenerate our legs. With the sun on our faces, this was an amazing change from sitting in the metal cold tubs in the gym.
After our hike, we drove to Kelly's house for a BBQ for her sister's boyfriend's birthday. Enjoying the company, amazing burgers and ICE CREAM CAKE!Kelly decided to mountain bike for her cardio, and ended up "hiking a bike" through knee deep mud and deeper snow. However, she came back looking much more tanned than usual!
Kelly's amazing view!

I no longer need my chocolate chewable vitamin D. I love the sun, I love the mountains and... at this moment. This is my life.


  1. This is a sweet life Erin! Enjoy every moment

  2. Great post Erin! You and the rest of the girls are living the dream!! Enjoy!! Chris


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