Friday, October 5, 2012

Rainy Days and Sunny Nights

We've had to fight through a few more rainy and windy days. Some days we are sure that we will ski and the lift will be closed.
On these days we make plans to explore! 

Mitch and I decided to go on a little hike for dryland. Beauty always has the ability to take you out of yourself.

We were supposed to ski at the top, where the mountain is in a white out.

It is said that in the winter the valley loses sun at 12:30pm. We didn't have much sun to enjoy that day, but I can see how the winter's might be very cold here! 

We live at around 1800m here, and ski at about 3500m. However, Mitch continues beating the altitude at 2200m! 

At the top of the hike we were rewarded with an amazing surprise!! 

We decided to take the gondola back down to make sure our legs were rested for the next day! 

Saas Fee- Can you see it?!

Other days we don't expect to make it to the top to ski, but we are surprised. The lifts open, and we battle through tough conditions.
Regardless, we always make sure that we are staying strong! (Thanks for the photo Eve!)

Finally, the weather has broken! The weather is beautiful and we have just finished our 6th day on snow. Only 3 more to go until we head back to Canada!

We had one really intense day of equipment testing. We were given different set ups to try on 9 different runs. On each run were were expected to ski a similarly as possible to the runs before, and finish of course! We found out some interesting information that needs more testing to be confirmed!

The restaurant we eat at here is AMAZING! The chef and owner treat us very, very well! The other night we had Chinese fondu, which is fondu with beef that you cook in a warm brothy liquid. It was amazing!

This is Eis (pronounced Ice), he guards the restaurant door to make sure that we all stay safe. At first I started talking to him in a baby voice, but apparently he doesn't like that. Now I have to pretend that I feel very casually about him, and we are best friends again.

Other nights we have birthdays to celebrate. The other night was Jay's birthday. Mitch was supposed to pie him, but Jay's dessert came out to early, so Mitch came sprinting out of the kitchen, in a low squat and slammed the whipped cream into Jay's face. I have never seen anything like it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY!

Last, but certainly far from least (more probably most), I want to say congratulations to my cousin, Carly, and her fiancé for their engagement! I am so happy for you two, and it sounded like the perfect day! Good job Luke!